In Nikolaev for output rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations three times released from "house captivity" pensioners

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The message on the first case arrived in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in 16:20 22-го August. Inhabitants of the house down the street the Front line called by telephone, 52 cities of Nikolaev and reported that on a balcony 4-го a floor of the five-floor house is 58 - ми the summer woman whom her three-year-old granddaughter closed. To the place of a call at once there arrived rescuers of SGPCh-2 on protection of Leninsky district. By means of an autoladder one of rescuers through an open window in kitchen got to the apartment and opened doors on a balcony. About it reports the Center of promotion of GUMNS in the Nikolaev area.

In the same day but already at 22:22 in quickly - dispatching service the message that down the street Builders, 14-in one of apartments the woman would ask for help arrived, but independently a door can't open. Relatives who came to visit 56-ти the summer woman called by telephone.

The rescuers who have arrived to a place by means of independent hydraulic scissors cut off a lattice at a window of the first floor and having got to the apartment, opened metal entrance doors. As it became clear, owing to a stroke the woman wasn't able to move independently and there was one in the apartment. The patient transferred to doctors.

The following case occurred 24-го August at 14:30. To the dispatcher Nikolayevskogo of the militarized it is mountain - saving group the message that on Yuzhnaya Street, 54, the woman isn't able independently окрыть doors arrived and asks about the help. The inhabitant of this house who incidentally passing near the neighboring apartment called by telephone to rescuers heard a request for the help. After opening of doors of the apartment by means of the metalwork tool, employees of the Nikolaev militarized it is mountain - saving group entered the apartment. Near a threshold they found the hostess of the apartment 1925 of year of birth. After inspection of the victim, doctors of crew of an emergency medical service made the diagnosis "breakdown".


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