Yushchenko: "In the case of Gongadze we on a home straight"

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The president Victor Yushchenko declares that the legal investigation of murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze was in the home stretch.

He told about it in interview to newspapers "Ukraine young", "Day" and "Business".

"As the president, I can tell: now we are on a home straight. It was promoted very much by arrest of the general Pukacha. After that the consequence received answers to key questions", - Yushchenko noted.

"I hold weekly consultations with the general prosecutor, and each time I demand from it one: completion of investigation of this business. It is a point of honor - its personal and prosecutor's offices as a whole", - Yushchenko emphasized.

Thus he noted, business of such level, "so far as concerns participation in a crime of the top management of the state, of course, can't be simple" though "The Prosecutor General's Office from the first days of investigation has full assistance".

"I can't tell that as it is easy for me to provide to the president realization of this business - from the point of view of political pressure. You understand that those who is involved in it, sit in high chairs, and those who already is out of the power, all the same kept enormous influence", - Yushchenko told.

On a question concerning that, how many the people, called Pukachem to a consequence as involved in Gongadze's murder, are in power, the president answered:

"I so would tell: this business touches a certain circle of such people. And therefore for a consequence there comes very responsible moment".

Yushchenko is also sure that this business so resonant that "any country won't venture to provide a shelter to criminals of such level". "Even at that cynicism with which some states cover some Ukrainian "refugees". To go on such is to betray mankind. Theoretically such it is possible. But in practice I don't imagine it", - he told.

The president also noted that 2 months ago estimation of actions of law enforcement agencies regarding legal investigation "falsification" for the first 5 years was one of the directions of investigation.

"According to the last report to me the public prosecutor, the consequence proceeds, therefore the public will receive the answer to a question why also who slowed down investigation - probably, in a month.The main thing that this business was continuous on control of journalists and societies", - the president emphasized.

Yushchenko recognized that results of investigation, "obviously", will influence presidential campaign. "And someone, undoubtedly, will read it as an element of election campaign. But it not main thing. The main prize for society will consist that we, probably, will for the first time see how responsibility is born by representatives of very high levels of the power. And it will be one of the brightest illustrations of democracy", - he emphasized.


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