In Nikolayevshchina the father only before death told the daughter about terrible secret which kept 11 years

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In Zhovtnevy regional department of militia of the Nikolaev area the inhabitant of the area with the statement that his father who was considered as missing person since 1998, can be dug in the yard of the house of his grandfather addressed. For half a year before the father of the wife of the gone man, strongly being ill, I decided to remove a stone from soul and I told the daughter Olga that hid 11 years, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

In 1998 they lived together in one of villages of the Zhovtnevy area. Vladimir, the husband of the daughter of the owner, didn't limit himself in alcohol intake. In an alcohol intoxication he started quarreling with a family and could even raise a hand against the wife. It was very heavy to father to observe all this therefore he tried though as - that to protect the daughter from attacks of the son-in-law.

Vladimir at first reacted to remarks of the old person, but over time started quarreling and with it. Once, being already in a tipsy state, the son-in-law decided to sort out the relations with the father-in-law. Conversation between men didn't develop, it only aggravated their relations. Drunk Vladimir started humiliating the father of the wife, to sneer at it, on what that didn't sustain and, having grabbed an axe, several times knocked them the son-in-law on the head.

Having come round, the host tried to give help to the son-in-law who lay on a floor. Having understood that all efforts are vain, decided to dig a body in the house yard.

When the daughter came back home, the father told her that her husband quarreled with it and left, having told that goes on earnings and will return not soon. Olga wasn't surprised to the heard. The relations in a family were intense, and from the husband it expected anything. But, when Vladimir didn't return and in three months, the woman asked for the help in militia. Searches of militiamen didn't yield results. In some years to a family issued the certificate of death of Vladimir.

The woman, having reconciled to thought that her husband died, was engaged in education of their son Anton.

Having learned from the father about deeds, the woman became puzzled - the father was seriously ill and needed continuous supervision, the son was at this time on earnings, wasn't near any person to whom it would be possible to consult. After a while Olga's father died, and in some months Anton came back home. Mother told the son that heard from the father. Having listened to the story of mother, the guy made the decision to address in militia.

According to Anton's statement I arrived to the village it is investigative - task force of Zhovtnevy regional department of militia. Olga pointed to militiamen to that place where, probably, the body of her husband was dug. Having started digging, police officers found bones of the man which were rolled up in cellophane and a fishing grid.

On this fact criminal case according to p.1 Art. 115 of UK of Ukraine is brought. For today are carried out it is investigative - expeditious actions for establishment of the reasons and circumstances of the committed murder.


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