Lutsenko told in Lvovshchina about death of the boy and 15 - a summer imprisonment term

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On August 29 during stay in Lvovshchina the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declared that ex-the head of SBU in the Lvov area Stanislav Kurman isn't involved in tragic death of the teenager on the lake "Baikal" in Nikolaevsk the region of the Lvov area, "Postup" reports.

"In this case investigative actions which established many new facts in business proceed, there is a description of the scooter by which the teenager was fatally injured, soon investigation will be informed of a course the public. However it is possible to tell that the ex-the head of SBU in the Lvov area already out of suspicions", - was noted by Lutsenko.

Also the minister noted that in such tragic cases on reservoirs one of the main nuances is that in Ukraine there is no legislation which accurately would regulate use of a water transport.

We will remind as reported mass media, on August 14 the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko issued the decree about removal from a position of the chief of USBU in Stanislav Kurman's Lvov area. However, according to "High castle" it became known that Stanislav Kurman's dismissal is connected with the tragedy which occurred on June 29 in Nikolaevsk the area on the lake "Baikal". That day on the lake after wineskuteristit was drowned 15 - the summer local teenager. Drunkskuterist,locals told guards, had a rest on giving one of the Lvov authorities. Investigation of circumstances of death of the child on the lake was taken under personal control by Victor Yushchenko. Soon he reported that in the company of the authorities because of which the child was drowned, there was one "the high official from law enforcement agencies". The president meant Stanislav Kurman who that day had really a rest on "Baikal".

And still Lutsenko declared that he personally acts and in every possible way supports introduction in action of a severe measure of punishment, up to 15 - a summer imprisonment term for those drivers who madeROAD ACCIDENTwith death of the person, having been driving the drunk.

"Drunk at a wheel is a murderer, it for it have to punishas it is possible surovy. From 12-ти to 15-ти years of imprisonment the driver who brought down the person has to receive, having been driving the drunk. And if the tipsy driver was at a wheel, but didn't makeROAD ACCIDENT, it also should be punished the raised penalties, instead of such things which now practice as "corrective works", - Lutsenko noted.

The minister declared that he will consistently defend discipline strengthening among all participants of traffic and will use the best efforts to beat off desire to someone to sit down drunk at a car wheel, becoming, thus, the potential murderer.

During stay in Zolochev in Lvovshchina the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko published and submitted journalists of 7 cases of the Ministry of state security of the former USSR, dated beginning from 1932 to 1951 which contain materials of criminal cases concerning a cannibalism, executions of peasants for supportOUN - UNITARY ENTERPRISEand mass compulsory eviction of people to Siberia.

"I brought today here materials about the awful facts of ours not such far history from which we ran away recently. You can consider it as my pre-election step because I consider what exactly studying of these things which were endured by our ancestors, to us on the Ukrainian elections the state, than any appeals to independence" will help to preserve more, - Yury Lutsenko noted.

Especially the minister noted that you shouldn't forget scary pages of our history because "this hydra already raises the head". Among the published cases which Yury Lutsenko submitted representatives of mass media for the subsequent replication and acquaintance of citizens, in particular: "Case No. 169 of 1933 of charge of a cannibalism of the inhabitant of Kiev region and it 10 - the summer son which killed and ate 11 - the summer girl with page Voytovets of the Andrusevsky Area of Kiyevshchina".Also journalists had opportunity to examine the case dated 1950, of mass departure of 906 persons by an echelon on a spetsposeleniye that they supportedOUN - UNITARY ENTERPRISE. In other materials materials about repressions of Jews from the Lvov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Vinnytsia, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and Odessa areas were presented to journalists.

"I have on hands materials which testify that not so long ago, several decades ago only for supportOUN - UNITARY ENTERPRISEpeople of different age and different nationalities among whom the youngest on materials there passes the one-year-old child as the family member unreliable, and the woman of 1891 year of birth were tortured. I consider that we need to know it never to return to the terrible past", - Lutsenko noted.


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