Check on roads: "Lutsenko's eagles" managed to decapitate the whole train

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For an hour with the superfluous electric train departure "the Comb - Kiev" the staff of linear police station at the Comb station (Poltava region) from - that militiamen detained was detained and delivered to the room of militia of the driver of an electric train and his assistant.

About it today to the Poltava mass media reported in Hugo's administrative service - the Western railroad. At an assessment of incident which happened on August 28, actions of militia are called "illegal which led to emergency replacement of locomotive crew that threatened traffic safety of trains".

On explanations of railroad workers, them "it is groundless detained on a workplace, offended, executed a search and delivered to the militia room". Concerning the driver of the train the right guardians made the protocol and accused him of small hooliganism. As report in administrative service YuZZhD, the reason of a delay of locomotive crew, according to militiamen, there was "a carrying out expeditious actions for addresses of passengers in connection with loss of personal belongings, mobile phones in electric trains". As a result of incident electric train departure from the Comb was detained more than on one hour

The fact of a delay of a capital electric train to "Regional committee" confirmed and in the Poltava management of rail transportation where specified that is a question of the "Kiev" electric train with the "Kiev" crew. Poltava the railroader it was necessary to look for replacement with the detainee to the driver and his assistant in an emergency order.

Railroad workers, report in YuZZhD, are revolted with actions the right of guardians and regard them, as direct intervention in work of railway transport. The corresponding address will be sent by them to prosecutor's office.


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