In Nikolayevshchina 45 - the summer man made mob killings over the thief. The malefactor delivered to the intensive care unit

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On the territory of one of households in the city of Voznesensk thieves already repeatedly got. Took out practically everything that came hand, from electric devices to usual metal products.

Considering that the appeal to militia won't be effective, the owner thought up other strategy of fight against thieves. At night, waiting for uninvited guests, the man spent time in bushes near the kitchen garden with a kitchen knife in hands. The result didn't keep itself waiting. In one of nights he heard a roar of the engine of the car near the house. After a while three unknown who left the car, went through a kitchen garden to its subsidiary farm.

The man had no doubt that to it those thieves who throughout long time plundered it welcomed. Time of payment came - the man thought, jumped out of the ambush and started catching up with uninvited guests. Those, in turn, having seen the owner, started running away. The owner caught up with one of uninvited guests and in a rush of anger put it some knife wounds in breast area. "Guest" was rather strong, after all, having escaped from hands of the "flown into a rage" owner, the wounded, he managed to run out on the street where fainted.

Nobody waited for the guy, his friends already managed to escape, however, in a few minutes returned for the bleeding profusely companion and brought it to hospital. Doctors always report about such cases in militia.

Guards who arrived to an event place, established at once all picture of events.

On this fact criminal case according to signs of Art. 121 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine is brought. Wounded still is in reanimation, doctors revealed on his body of 5 getting knife wounds.


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