In Sumshchina the little boy repeated Pavlik Morozov's feat

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The five-year-old inhabitant of Konotop specified to police officers a place where his father stored the gun.

According to the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, the militia welcomed to the house конотопчанина as received information that the rifle is stored in it. The host wasn't, militiamen were met by mother and the five-year-old son. During a search a rifle found in one of rooms, but it appeared that it only the weapon model. Militiamen already were going to leave when the child ran up and told:

- You not there look for! I know where the father stores the gun - in a bedroom!

Together with the child militiamen went to a bedroom. There the bright kid ran up to a desk and pointed a finger at one of boxes. Having opened a table, militiamen saw the gun of the TOZ brand and cartridges to it. The kid received for the act from mother a slap in the face.

The father who has come back by evening told that the weapon found near one of villages of the Konotopsky area where had a rest with a family. According to militia, the citizen looked after the gun, supporting him in combat readiness.

Upon illegal weapon handling, ammunition and explosives resolves an issue of initiation of legal proceedings.


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