Oleg Novikov: Arseny project, or Candidate of one-time use

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Which month in a row data of the sociological surveys conducted in our country, show increase in demand on so-called "a strong hand", and a third of the population in general agrees to restriction of a number of the democratic rights and freedoms for the sake of appearance of the strong leader and establishing order. And as Ukraine as is recognized three years as the state with market economy, under business laws on it while modest "buyer" of "a strong hand" there was the whole sea of sellers, many of which don't guess at all that instead of qualitative goods are capable to offer unless a third-rate fake.

Dear voter, probably, already guessed whom there is a speech? Certainly, about our youngest applicant in presidential candidates of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. After all, the right as sociologists testify, more than a half of Ukrainians see the politician with "a strong hand" in the person … Yulia Timoshenko. But what to do if the boy who has safely avoided honorary duties - service in Armed forces of Ukraine - wanted to prove to the Ukrainian society about what "the senior uncles" and so know: can feel nostalgic for youth in boots or the full lifelong loser for whom two years of service in the Soviet army were the only light strip in deeply drunk sovok life, or the person remaining in the emotional development 12 - the summer child? It is difficult to judge, to what category Arseniy Yatsenyuk would refer himself. But also without answer to such question clearly that to call the employed boys and girls by "front", can paint propaganda tents in colors of a military or the person who has re-read in the childhood only the fairy tale about "мальчише - кабальчише", or not played enough in tell-tales.

Here you, dear voter, raised for yourself a question: that actually achieves And.Yatsenyuk, what program he offers people? No, that this "dostoynik" gathers in case of a victory on presidential election to which, however, as to Mars on the cart, one of the first decrees to rehabilitate business of the fellow countryman and the old acquaintance, Semyon Mogilevich's world famous criminal authority (his surname already 10-й enters year ten the most searched FBI of criminals) Dmitry Firtash, it is known long ago. It is also known that Arseniy Yatsenyuk, to see, to please to the Moscow political strategists, is going "to strengthen power independence of Ukraine", having created together with Russia promised at L. Kuchma Gas transmission consortium (naturally, under complete control of "Gazprom")! The thought course at this new applicant in the Ukrainian Messiahs is original, isn't that so? !. It turns out to make Ukraine more independent, it is necessary to create with Russia something on similarity of the Soviet Union? !.

And still our youngest applicant in candidates, in case of the victory, will surely dismiss. Verkhovna Rada. For what purpose and how it will make it, Yatsenyuk persistently is silent. To see, political strategists while consider how this unclear invention to form a decent political initiative. However, why to strain brains of the advisers if the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the former regional Taras Chornovil and without them explained: "To dismiss the Verkhovna Rada Yatsenyuk and Yanukovych were ordered by Firtash" … And here here political nonsense we are allegedly ready to vote for this a half of voters of the Western Ukraine! And all why? Certain very "independent" sociologists allegedly explain Arseny's "phenomenon" with novelty of his face in the Ukrainian policy, and also expectation in the society of emergence of the third force!

And with the first and second thesis it would be possible to argue, of course. But the political Arseny project it is far not that "phenomenon" about which it is worth polemizing, and, especially, any not "the third force". It is not political force, and business - the project of one-time use with political coloring. From where such conclusions? - you ask. Yes everything is very simple. Even speculating on moods of inhabitants of the South and the East of Ukraine the Party of Regions could create for the activity though any ideological cover. The ideology always was and is at "Batkivshchyna", National Rukh, socialists, communists. Yes, these parties quite often receded from the ideological principles. But they though had these principles, is and will be.By what principles are guided Arseniy Yatsenyuk and him "The front of changes"?

No, that "veteran" Arseny can have everyone who supports the slogan "All for the front! In total for a victory! " not only morally, but also it is material, it is clear. But it would be desirable to hear at least once from the young candidate what he sees Ukraine in 5-10 years? On what way to develop to our country? Who our main partners on the international scene today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow? Yatsenyuk and his "veterans" have no answers to these questions! And not because puppeteers, managing directors of Arseny, didn't find time to make yet PR-order to crew to find something suitable in cushions? No! Simply in thirst it to be pleasant to voters of different parts of Ukraine PR managers so worked over a political face of the young candidate that persons at it simply didn't remain. It disappeared, and there was such to itself a faceless physiognomy which can be covered with any mask. What from this left? One healthy head it is simply impossible to digest all this. After all, when two mutually exclusive thoughts, it already symptoms of paranoia soar in one head at once. And what to do if at veterans of such thoughts about ten is gained?

Here, not further, as a month ago A.Yatsenyuk tried in Lviv, Ivano - Frankovsk, Ternopol to present itself such hurrah - the patriot, almost Oleg Tyagnybok's ally and his "Freedoms". And literally in 3 weeks the same Yatsenyuk gives out, as "pomaranchevy revolution" in Ukraine wasn't, and the Maidan was a mistake, and in general the Russian president correctly "ran" over our head of state, say, V. Yushchenko himself in it is guilty … What it is radical change of political views or any new wind in pockets? It seems to me that more likely neither the first, nor the second. The reason for everything - total absence of these views, as those! It for A.Yatsenyuk was noticed earlier. You remember that notorious meeting of the government of Yanukovych in May 2007-го when from all ministers only Anatoly Gritsenko dared to state own point of view on the decree of the president about parliament dissolution. What then Yatsenyuk when he was given the floor did? He kept silent and squeezed out from itself any unconvincing phrases … Simply speaking, I was frightened Century.Yanukovych and prospect to lose a post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs! From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that in the Ukrainian politicum such phenomenon as "Arseny", is something even more unpredictable, than Vitrenko and Tyagnybok! On the other hand, there is one more argument which doesn't allow to speak about Yatsenyuk as even about potential to "the third force" in our society. In those civilized countries of the West where that force exists or in the form of political structures, or in the form of the powerful, organized civil society, it always builds the policy on the basis of construct. And on what A.Yatsenyuk's all campaign is constructed? On bile, a dirt vyiskivaniye in the past, on lies and elementary ignorance!

Take in fact the same conflict of the mayor of Uzhgorod Sergey Ratushnyak to distributors of leaflets from Arseny. Yes, dragging of the girl for clothes is not the best means of propaganda for respecting the rule of law. But there is also an objective party - the girl extended a certain literature of an unknown origin on behalf of certain "The front of changes" and any "Arseny" from illegally established tent. The mayor saw violation and decided it to stop. And after that A.Yatsenyuk and Kz arrange the whole show with allegedly cruelly "injured" girl and "the mayor the anti-semite", arrange distribution of any awards … Such impression that if in Uzhgorod wasn't the mayor Ratushnyak, Yatsenyuk's "veterans" surely would think up it. And because they have all PR-technology such supposedly for one beaten two unbeaten will give - boys on pity decided to press.

However, this invention obviously unsuccessful. Because long ago already it would be time for A.Yatsenyuk's opponents to put to the place of his boys and girls with the literature of an unclear origin reminding by the form a newspaper. After all a problem - that not in frank violation of laws on the press and mass media, publishing (Yatsenyuk's newspapers still leave without any basic data, the indication of coordinates of edition, the persons responsible for release, circulation, printing houses), and not in obvious evasion from the taxation (after all if the newspaper is printed without indication of printing house, it, so left illegally, taxes aren't paid for it). Problem in the frank slander extended by people of Yatsenyuk on which, owing to absence in printed materials of basic data, there is no place even to complain! However, in our state with quite chosen understanding of democracy such as And.Yatsenyuk, most likely, threatens nothing as his slander is authorized long ago on Bank, and also in one building on Lipskaya. Here also afford these boys and girls to declare supposedly all who against us, are employed by the prime minister Yu. Tymoshenko. Certainly, the head of the government could put in court to the place of gone too far "veteran". After all the court surely would ask: where, when and at what A.Yatsenyuk saw circumstances how Yu. Tymoshenko employed so many boors and anti-semites? Instead of I saw, so answer according to the law. But, as I understand, madam prime minister has no time to soil hands about it something is green - brown, the front type.

The people would already have to ask long ago the young politician: expensive you our and consecutive and why it you so criticize the present government, and until recently, holding a post of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, anything didn't make in order that the parliament and the government worked effectively? After all that in fact A.Yatsenyuk when the Party of Regions with balls was played in "ANTINATO" did? It though made any efforts in order that work of parliament was unblocked. And what it made in order that the coalition worked effectively? Unless not admission plan in coalition structure "Blok of Litvin" realized through a small group from under control Bank deputies that would make the parliamentary majority more independent of whims of the president and his environment. To Yatsenyuk today to argue what the parliament works as - that not so what work of Rada should be changed cardinally? After all when he was a speaker, didn't see anything is farther than a spikersky chair. Ordinary deputies were for A.Yatsenyuk "pigs not cut off" which could get nasty, humiliate easily, etc. When he became the ordinary deputy, ceased to appear in a sessional hall. The position humiliated and offended, from his point of view, is more favorable, than a position of the deputy who is actively working with the electorate and actively defending a position of the political force of which, however, he doesn't have.

That today Arseny tries to present as "young team" (in the Nikolaev area it to "young politicians", as a rule for 50-60 years), actually is a banal party of the casual people, wishing to earn additionally on generosity of "front" sponsors. For this reason instead of constructive work of local structures of "front" we observe relaying from top to down the primitive public relations, calculated with that someone will take and will fall in love "persecuted" ex-the speaker.After all only very near person can believe that where - that in any area someone filled up tent "Front of changes" not to allow distribution of yatsenyukovsky waste paper with "truth" from the Moscow PR managers. Just a hundred times more political jabber appears at each case when any ill-bred little man where - that in Hatsapetovke will take tent "Front of changes" for a dry closet and will celebrate in it need. Here it is the fact! Here it is an occasion all over the country to cry out: guard, us kill where the militia looks! By the way, if our militia dealt with issues of censorship and distribution of slanderous leaflets, the parliament would have for a long time a serious occasion to convict Yury Lutsenko of inaction.

Bertrán Russell as - that told: "At democracy fools have the right to vote, at dictatorship - to govern". I hope that dictatorship doesn't threaten Ukraine - it leaves also crisis economic and political. Also it will be rescued not by "bees", not "veterans", not "professors", and the Ukrainian people which it is heavy to force to believe in itself, but it is even heavier to deceive.

Oleg Novikov, People's Deputy of Ukraine


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