"Markov has to be behind bars! ", - inhabitants of Odessa demanded from walls of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Verkhovna Rada

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About 500 inhabitants of Odessa, among whom representatives of public organizations and political parties from Odessa (Committee of defense of Odessa, Free Odessa, the youth organizations of the Ukrainian People's Party and the People's Movement of Ukraine, IN "Freedom") carried out in Kiev picket at walls of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, reports "A look from Odessa"


They demanded immediate arrest of the former deputy of the Odessa city council Igor Markov and his accomplices who brutally beat two years ago participants of peace picket near the building of the Odessa regional state administration which took place, under the Ukrainian national flags. Hospitalization of five participants of picket became result of beating. One of victims of hands of markovets long time lay in resuscitation unit of hospital and received disability. "We demand from the authorities of immediate punishment of participants of beating of peace demonstration.

The Ukrainian power has to tell at last about Rodyna party and its information chain dog - ATV TV company. We demand Igor Markov's arrest and deprivation of the license of ATV TV channel which, crushed long ago all legal and moral standards of a television broadcasting, in our opinion, forces opposition in Odessa", the cofounder of public organization "Committee of Defense of Odessa" Igor Ivanov told to journalists. According to him, during a meeting with employees of the State Office of Public Prosecutor inhabitants of Odessa were told that Igor Markov the person involved in two criminal cases (upon route Odessa blocking - Kiev and upon beating of peace picketers in Odessa). Its participation in beating is proved.

In the State Office of Public Prosecutor don't exclude Igor Markov's possible arrest. Activists of the Free Odessa organization demanded from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to do everything possible for prevention of flight of Igor Markov out of borders of Ukraine. "We remember history in the ex-mayor of Odessa Ruslan Bodelan who disappears from the Ukrainian court in Sankt Petersburg.Law enforcement agencies shouldn't allow history repetition, but already with Markov. To a judgment Markov shouldn't leave for borders of Ukraine. Ours positions is invariable, - everything who broke the law has to be responsible for deeds", Alya Demyanova Representatives of public organizations and political parties declared the cofounder of "Free Odessa" transferred to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the address.

"Inhabitants of Odessa demand from you to do everything possible within investigation of criminal affairs in which Igor Markov appears. We demand Igor Markov's arrest, and also completion of investigation of criminal affairs, punishment of all inhabitants of Odessa guilty of beating on September 2, 2007. We demand to make investigation of activity of the deprived registration it is criminal - "Rodyn's" political group.

It direct direct from abroad, and it is created for destabilization of the Ukrainian society and promotion of the Russian imperialism, the extremism, different sense of intolerance", is spoken in documents.


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