Labor unions reject Tymoshenko's charge of their communication with PR

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The chairman of the National forum of labor unions of Ukraine Miroslav YAKIBCHUK rejects charge the prime minister - the minister Yulia TYMOSHENKO that actions of the labor unions which have passed on September 9 on the Maidan of Independence and before the building of the Cabinet, are organized by Party of Regions.

About it it is spoken in the told UNIAN M. YAKIBCHUK'S statement in connection with Yu. Tymoshenko's statement that actions of labor unions are organized by Party of Regions, and loss of "the stability remains" has to become result of these actions, and their organizers "need to be brought to trial".

According to M. YAKIBCHUK, labor unions have the constructive plan of elimination of debt for salaries which they "wanted and want" to inform the government, however instead of discussion receive "charge of participation in someone's party interests" and threats of prosecutions.

"We have very specific proposals to the government which include programs of creation of workplaces, payment plans of debts to workers of the budgetary sector, ways of stimulation of businessmen to repayment of debt to their workers and other means of improvement of a social situation. These are absolutely real offers which acceptance only would add authority to the government and stability to the country, after all salary nonpayments, instead of the requirement to return them, are one of key factors of social instability in Ukraine", - M. YAKIBCHUK noted.

He also emphasized that the National forum of labor unions of Ukraine repeatedly indicated inadmissibility of intervention of big parties in political life of labor unions, and his colleagues "with some surprise" learned about election of the People's Deputy as the chairman of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine from Party of Regions. "And therefore, - M. YAKIBCHUK notes, - us not only interests of political leaders don't interest, but also offend hints on communication of NFPU with the political forces presented either to the authorities, or in opposition".

"The government party membership of the people making demands of the power, and a problem with which they address to the power have to interest not.If instead of considering questions of people of work, to us will threaten with prison and to accuse of participation in Party of Regions, "our Ukraine", KPU or even BYuT, we, in turn, will be compelled to address to officials with judicial claims and to resort to more radical actions", - the chairman of NFPU declared.

At the same time M. YAKIBCHUK noted that "NFPU still hopes for constructive dialogue with the power".

As it was reported, the National forum of labor unions together with labor staff of the enterprises began on September 9 All-Ukrainian protest action against nonpayments of salaries and a new wave of dismissals which is expected in the fall. NFPU totals over 2 million members in the ranks and is the trade-union association second for number after Federation of labor unions of Ukraine.


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