For our money the deputy head Nikolaev облрады Vladimir Pashchenko unleashes civil war in Ukraine

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You want to know, on what there are your taxes? On medicine, education, army, other needs, in a pocket of officials and on incitement of civil war in Ukraine.

As reports a press - service Nikolaev облрады, on September 3-4 in Kharkov took place international scientifically - practical conference "World War II: lessons and values for Ukraine". The vice-chairman of the Nikolaev regional council took part in its workVladimir Pashchenko.

The road, accommodation, food and so on, certainly, were paid by us when from the poor salaries gave part to the state as taxes.

Except - on Pashchenko historians of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Israel, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the State Duma of the Russian Federation, representatives took part in conference socially - the political and religious organizations.

We quote the message облрады:

"Participants of conference are convinced that with active imperious support in mass media, in textbooks of schools and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS any dirty stream of pseudo-historical researches in which altering of the historical truth about the Great Patriotic War and roles of the Ukrainian people in the Victory over фашистско - the German invaders is carried out rushed. Business reaches attempts to put on one step of the Soldier - the Liberator and the nazi collaborator of OUN - unitary enterprise, to equate the last on the social status to the participant of the Great Patriotic War. Everything becomes to deprive of us the heroic past, to bring a distemper and to push off fraternal peoples which fought side by side against fascism […]

In the country - the winner of fascism in 65-ю anniversary of the Great Victory parades of fascist nedobitok from a division CC ""Galichina" are openly carried out, try to cancel Victory Day celebration, and National - the fascist ideology becomes almost a component of "the state ideology".

We will notice that historians of Germany didn't take part in conference as representatives of the country which participated in war and, what position at that time wouldn't take as - in any way, but has the right to vote. Especially as Germany in the sins privselyudno confessed and pays to Jews monetary compensations.Also the party didn't take part in conference - the defendant, that is our compatriots who live in the Western Ukraine. Historians who have other point of view, than numerous supporters and representatives of the Russian Federation didn't take part.

During conference in which, we will remind, the authority of the Nikolaev area took part, the next attempt to divide the Ukrainian people was made.

At conference other point of view, than pro-Russian wasn't stated opposite or at least. We are sure that the reader has to have an option, have opportunity to compare at least positions of two parties in a conflict situation to draw the conclusions and not to be misled. We will emphasize that elections, and, according to many mass media, politicians, political scientists, historians approach, Russia, as always, wants to play a role in these elections. And, naturally, except loud charges of the President of the Russian Federation, will be undertaken and many other attempts to affect the Ukrainian voters are undertaken. Including by a manipulation public opinion and consciousness. History copying - one of methods of such manipulation.

We aren't historians. But at school studied, we are able to read the Internet and documents. We won't prove you any point of view. We will simply cite official documents that you had opportunity to compare and draw the conclusions.


Sergey Tkachenko: Insurgent Army. Fight tactics. - Minsk - Moscow, Harvest of nuclear heating plant, 2000.


The German enslavers lose the soil under feet. They are thrown by all European allies. All occupied people of Europe подымают sacred fight for the national independent states. To protect itself from national weight, Hitlerites from the East delay the armies to the west. Stalin imperialists use this situation and with big victims move ahead deep into Ukraine. Bolshevist conquerors shout that they go "to free" our earth. But all Ukrainian people well know that the Moscow enslavers differ nothing from the German...

The Ukrainian people which began fight against a Hitlerite animal, will continue it and against the Moscow tyrants while will achieve the Independent State.

VOLUNTEERS! You went together with the German armies to the front. You wanted destruction of imperialistic Moscow, Bolshevist predators. You went for fight with Moscow imperialists, hoping in this fight to get liberty, the national state and for the native people. But your hopes weren't carried out. Only your blood, and each aspiration to the state independence they ruthlessly was necessary to Hitlerite tyrants eradicated, as well as Stalin monsters.

Now Germans recede. What your destiny? Do you have to recede together with Germans? You will go to Germany - you will throw in concentration camp, will starve as it was with thousands of your companions - captured. When you will pass to Bolsheviks - you are expected by inevitable execution. It is known that the Moscow tyrants killed even ideological communists. It is known that all captured Red Army men who returned from Finland in 1940 - Bolsheviks shot.

VOLUNTEERS! In this difficult situation for you there is one exit - to continue the armed fight against Bolshevist executioners. On all Ukrainian lands groups of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army combat now against the Moscow gangs. Unitary enterprise 10 months heroically battles to the German and Bolshevist tyrants. In unitary enterprise also there are national groups from east people. Thus the powerful antibolshevist front […]


Main Command of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army"


Sergey Tkachenko: Insurgent Army. Fight tactics. - Minsk - Moscow, Harvest of nuclear heating plant, 2000.


We, the Ukrainian insurgents, recognize your heroism in fight against the German invaders. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the occupied parts of Ukraine also conducted cruel battles with the German gangs, protected the people from Hitlerite terror, defended the right of Ukraine for free life. Now a Hitlerite mode I succeeded to Ukraine большевистско - a Stalin mode.

The Ukrainian people consider Bolsheviks not as liberators, and ordinary aggressors who only are covered with false phrases of "friendship", "Releases", "happiness". What Bolsheviks, except the most severe repressions and terror gave to the Ukrainian people? The whole world knows that Bolsheviks shot million Ukrainians, flung in prisons and concentration camps, moved from the native earth on the foreign land.After all actually Ukraine Ukrainians, and кремлевско - Hrushchova's Stalin satraps and operate not To. All know that richness of Ukraine is absorbed by the all-Union Bolshevism, and the Ukrainian people are doomed to hungry vegetation. All know that Bolsheviks in Ukraine violently spread russification, and any manifestation of original national culture cruelly eradicated. That is why the Ukrainian people resolutely achieve full separation from the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Separating, the Ukrainian people call for sincere friendship and full cooperation all people of the Soviet Union on the principles of independence of Independent National Powers. We also will be in friendship with the Russian people if it, having dumped a Stalin yoke, will build the state only on the ethnographic lands. But we never will agree that русско - Bolshevist imperialists under a plashchik of "release" occupied our Ukraine, politically and national oppressed and plundered it. The Ukrainian people persistently will protect the independence up in arms and no victims will stop its fight. Our right is sacred and enemies of mankind, barbarians, the Kremlin executioners and their bandogs can oppose it only.

Companions Red Army men and commanders! We address to you - to support our fight for Independent Ukraine - without Hitlerite and Bolshevist enslavement. Don't oppose with the weapon us. There is enough blood! Don't listen to commissioners who set you on the Ukrainian insurgents.

The freedom-loving Ukrainian people подымает a banner of liberating fight together with all people which Bolshevist executioners subdued.



November, 1943

Ukrainian Insurgents.



About evacuation of prisons

Record according to the Red Army man
Vladimir - Dolgodvorov's Volynsk platoon.

"To [оманди] р a ml platoon. pour [tenant] Kanevsky - взв [odes] of 38 people

23.6 in Yu. 00 Vl [адимир-] Volynsk was fired from planes - bombed - Bombard. barracks it is killed 2 кр - ца Kononov Egor Andreevich and Evseev Sergey Viktorovich and [asnoarmeets] Yermolin is wounded кр [...] and at бомбард.prisons it is killed кр - c Rogozin Nikolay and it is wounded in the head кр - c Devil's Andrey Ivanovich from 22 mornings I and 6 кр - tsev remained in a dress on protection of the room of a platoon - when bombing me wounded in the head a splinter. I and кр - c Pochinkov ефр [eytor] Mokeev V. having captured the wounded кр - ца Yermolin, went to prison to a platoon - went to shelter. 23.6 about 10 o'clock in the morning the administration of prison threw prison and left, and the platoon continued protection. Approximately at 11 o'clock in the morning on a lump to [Anda] to [оманди] ра a platoon on running away з / to machine-gun and gun fire is opened - as a result of all з / to shot and decreased from V. - Volynsk to Lutsk in structure to - ра a ml platoon. l. Kanevsky and 33-x кр - tsev, and wounded кр - tsev sent to hospital [...] ".


To the secretary Kamenets - Podolsk regional committee of KP(B)U to comrade Petrov
On April N51 6, 1944 river


About attack cases the benderovskikh of groups and the armed gang on the village of the village Kilikiyev and Yablunovka of the Berezdovsky area.

1. 4.IV-44g. The armed benderovsky group about 40 people at 2 o'clock in the morning made a raid on page Kilikiyev of our area. The main point such is.

At 2 o'clock in the morning benderovsky group in the mixed form... I arrested истребка protecting with / council, then under the influence of the weapon I forced to knock on a window to the chairman with / council of comrade Rogan. When opening apartment a group half entered the house, having selected at the last the machine gun, and then also under the influence of the weapon forced to be knocked on apartments to all asset of the village and the military personnel billeted in the village. Thus, the group disarmed: the chairman with / council, истребка, the accountant of collective farm, the chairman of the collective farm, one pilot, two sentries protecting the emergency plane, the driver and the lieutenant. Then the group removed two large-caliber machine guns from the emergency plane "IL-2", having beaten devices by plane, and left. All arrested are disarmed, safe, were released with the prevention: "enkevedist say that we kill people... incorrectly. We kill enkavedist, and you go to sleep. Time will come - you to us will come".

В.О.секретаря (b)u RK KP Cake layer * * *


The resolution of Bureau of the Ternopol regional committee of KP(B)U on violation of a revolutionary legality by employees of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs in the village of Krivenke of the Probizhnyansky region of the Ternopol area (on November 25, 1944)


In regional committee of KP(B)U the report of the secretary of Probizhnyansky RK KP (b)u Shinkarenko about the facts of rough violation of a revolutionary legality group of employees of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs and the chief of a staff 174 OSB major Polyansky Krivenke in the village of the Probizhnyansky area arrived.

Thanks to the carried-out check by departure on a place and to the evidence, carried out by the military prosecutor of armies of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs, it is established:

21.10.44 to page of Krivenke there arrived group as a part of 15 people for eviction of families of active members of OUN and unitary enterprise. In the village the group was fired by a gang which was there. Having lost 3-x the people the killed, the group returned to the district.

In the morning on October 22 for gang elimination to the village of Krivenke from of Chortkov there arrived fighters of armies of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs about 60 people headed by the major Polyansky and the representative of UNKVD of ml. the lieutenant Moldovanov, but bandits in the village didn't reveal.

Being in a state of intoxication, the major Polyansky, ml. the lieutenant Moldovanov shot in anything not guilty citizens age from 60 to 80 years in number of 10 people and burned 45 houses with outdoor structures, house property and a large number of the threshed bread. Among the killed of 5 families are Red Army (Kapustyanik V., Polomar M., Ostapchuk I., Savuryak And. Kiev P.). From number 45 of the burned houses about 20 are Red Army.

Being present at an arson of the yards and executions of citizens the chief of regional department of NKDB Belyaev, the chief of regional department of NKGB Kostin, the district military commissar Kondrashkin didn't take drastic measures for the termination of provocative actions from the major Polyansky and the second lieutenant Moldovanov, and on the contrary, were indifferent witnesses of how their subordinates actively participated in executions of citizens and firing of the yards.

The assistant to operational authorized regional department of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs Litvak, being drunk, personally I shot two old people and I gave the order to burn two houses. The assistant to operational authorized regional department of NKGB Polyansky burned five houses.

The quick representative of regional department of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs Smirnov shot the old man by order of Moldovanov. The chief of a passport office of regional department of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs Firsov took away vodka in houses of citizens of the village, got drunk мертвецки.

The drunk I lost a headdress and drunk it was delivered to the district. The worker of a regional military commissariat captain Pochinets personally made a house arson, took part in a wine party.Fighters of the specified group by order of the major Polyansky and the second lieutenant Moldovanov shot geese, were engaged in marauding, using a panic among the population which was caused by fires and executions […]

Secretary of the Ternopol regional committee of KP(B)U V. Druzhinin


Certainly, we don't exclude that probability that to the vice-chairman of the Nikolaev regional council Vladimir Pashchenko at school taught absolutely other history. But, having graduated from school, the boy grew up, studied in other educational institutions. And the last some years of SBU constantly open earlier classified documents according to which it is possible to judge what history was actually. Certainly, the g - Pashchenko's N could not happen at the numerous exhibitions held by SBU, could not read mass media, the Internet, not to be interested in history and simply in news. But, being the civil servant, he couldn't but hear about what the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko speaks.

Ukraine - the country more - less free.Unlike the next Russia, we can call the President the fool, and to us for it will be nothing. But g - Pashchenko's N, we will remind, the civil servant. And to obey the President as the head of state - his duty.Instead the official not simply ignores an official position of the state, and goes against it.

It is natural as the citizen of Ukraine of g - Pashchenko's N can have own position, can love or hate any political forces and any pages of history. But he can love and hate only sitting at home in house slippers. And, coming to work, especially, leaving in the business trip paid by the state, has to behave as the civil servant.

Considering that g - NPashchenkoI took part in the conference directed on kindling of the conflicts within the country and that облрада published information on it on the official site (by the way, the head облрадыTatyana Demchenkoalso likes to remind on mass actions of what бандюки - Banderovites),these people discredit the power in the Nikolaev area.

We as ordinary citizens, we can agree or disagree with a position of the higher authority. We can state the point of view is the our inalienable right fixed in the Constitution of Ukraine. And officials of this right lose as soon as punches nine mornings and the working day begins.They lose the right to express the personal opinion as voluntary became officials. They are obliged to serve the state, what position this state wouldn't take. As soon as strikes six o'clock in the evening and the working day comes to an end, officials again get a vote, but only as persons, instead of as civil servants. The management of the Nikolaev area forgot this simple truth. And we continue to pay taxes on which g - Pashchenko's N, - жа Demchenko and "company" get paid, make business trips and expose us full idiots who can't bring an order to own hut.


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