Four teenagers from the Nikolaev area – chronic addicts. Their number includes two girls

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One of young addicts, to everything also is sick with chronic alcoholism. He studies in technical training college of Nikolaev - on the account is with 15.04.2009г. Orphan.

Another, besides drug addiction, is sick with toxicomania. He learns in technical training college of Nikolaev, parents aren't present.

One more teenager - the addict lives in Yuzhnoukrainsk, doesn't work and doesn't study, lives with parents. The fourth patient lives in Voznesensky the area, the orphan studies in lyceum.

These data are provided by a press - service of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

As of July of all in narcological establishments of area on the dispensary account there were 13 187 narcological patients.

The indicator of prevalence of narcological diseases among minors on area makes 0,17 on 10 thousand teenage population (across Ukraine - 0,46 on 10 thousand population for 2008).

Except addicts in narcological establishments of area on the preventive account there are 109 minors (from them 11 children aged till 14 years):

- 10 children and 60 teenagers who abuse alcoholic beverages;

- 1 child and 37 teenagers who incidentally use narcotic substances (smoking, hemp);

- 1 teenager who incidentally uses psychotropic and other stupefying substances.

The prevalence indicator among minors who are on the preventive account, makes 4,8 on 10 thousand population (across Ukraine for 2008 this indicator makes 12,7 on 10 thousand corresponding population).

Among this category of teenagers 71 persons study in educational institutions (65%), the others anywhere don't work and don't study.

Most of all beginning juvenile addicts lives in the city of Nikolaev, Ochakov and Nikolaevsk areas (87% of all minors registered in area).

As of July in narcological establishments of area 35 narcologists (0,3 worked for 10 thousand).

Completeness doctors experts in narcology makes 95,4%.

Today for a position of narcologists it is allocated from 0,25 to 1 rate in all areas, except Bereznegovatsky and Brotherly areas where the last four - five years of experts in narcology simply aren't present.


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