The judge - "kolyadnik" demands to eliminate the State Office of Public Prosecutor from his business

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The ex-the judge Roman Zvarich demands to eliminate the State Office of Public Prosecutor from investigation of its business.

Zvarich demands to give a legal investigation to other law enforcement agency.

Also Zvarich demands to bring criminal case concerning Renat Kuzmin and Vladimir Zherbitsky: "Disclosing these consequences, dishonoring me, humiliating my honor and advantage, these subjects acted with direct intention".

The ex-the judge considers that his business have no right to investigate investigators Pasulka and Lychik who submit and follow Zherbitsky's instructions.

"Besides they illegally confiscated property of members of my family, civil suits in vessels of Ukraine" are made to them, - Zvarich declares and asks to send it the copy of the made decision.

On belief ex-judges, the State Office of Public Prosecutor can't investigate his case also because the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko "on December 18, 2008 at BP meeting together with the deputy of the party of regions Sergey Kivalov convinced deputies that I am a criminal".

"You supported categorically Kivalov that I got 8 months bribes from judges and divided at once in an office that I wrote notes that I am a bribe taker and I admit the guilt", - he added.

"Besides, that this lies... You couldn't but understand that to a court conviction I - accused, instead of the criminal and not the bribe taker, and therefore to extend unreliable information before citizens to you suited not", - Zvarich emphasizes.

The ex-the judge added that to Medvedko and Kivalov in Pechersky regional court of Kiev claims are declared to them honor and dignity protection.

Also, Zvarich, "from representatives of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, investigators noted, heads of a consequence to me threats in my inadequacy of perception of reality, possible mental dissonances and need for treatment" start arriving.

"I can direct consciously only the actions, being conscious that you or your investigators according to instructions of the president Victor Yushchenko can "hide" me at any time in psychiatric hospital and make of me the loony as hid in prison "to prick", - Zvarich declares.


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