In Kremenchug drivers and militia accuse each other of diesel fuel

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The independent trade-union organization of drivers of locomotive depot of Kremenchug addressed to the prime minister - to the minister and the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the complaint to actions of staff of the Kremenchug linear police station who letters, according to authors, "resolve private material matters at the expense of railroad workers".

In the complaint it is claimed that militiamen of linear office with impunity break laws, substitute for the actions prosecutor's office and court, is groundless carry out searches of drivers and their assistants, interfere with work of locomotive depot and crews of trains. When the depot worked at diesel draft, militiamen didn't shun sale of the "left" diesel fuel and when passed to electrodraft, found other ways of enrichment, the chairman of trade-union committee S. Moskalets claims.

According to him, militiamen appear on workplaces of drivers and depot in civil clothes, don't show business cards and without sanction of court carry out searches and personal inspections of employees of depot. In the complaint also it is spoken about bribery from militiamen who use the slightest occasion to profit at the expense of members of locomotive crews.

Reaction of the chief of linear police station to stations Kremenchug the major S. Zyubanenko on this letter is already known also. That, in turn claims that railroad workers constantly stole and steal diesel fuel. For example, two days ago militiamen detained criminal group which merged fuel half-tons from locomotive tanks. Therefore, the militiaman accents, in linear office won't close an eye to offenses.


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