The leader of "Homeland" Markov who is searched by the Nikolaev militiamen, doesn't disappear, and is treated

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Igor Markov - ex-the deputy of the Odessa City Council, the leader of already unregistered party "Homeland" - doesn't disappear from law enforcement agencies, and is on treatment, the lawyer Alexander Kazarnovsky declares it.

"It passes treatment, and upon termination of it the issue of possibility of its appearance to the investigator if health" allows will be resolved, - the lawyer told.

Kazarnovsky noted that nobody put Markov on the wanted list as, according to the legislation of Ukraine, search is possible in case of charge of commission of crime.

"That is, the procedural document under the name the resolution on attraction as the accused has to be made. Only after that if it isn't, it is possible to declare search", - the lawyer explained.

On a question of journalists of location of the Homeland party leader, the member of political council of party Igor Dmitriyev told that Markov is "in Flood".

Dmitriyev also reported that members of the same party convinced Markov not to come to interrogation to militia, being afraid for his life.

The lawyer in turn, noted that the Rodina party politically exists, "whatever invented Ministry of Justice".

According to him, the order of the Ministry of Justice of September 2, 2009 which the certificate on a party registration "The homeland is recognized become invalid, is already appealed in court.

"This illegal order is appealed by us in a judicial order. And I don't doubt that soon there will be a judgment which this order will cancel", - the lawyer told.

In turn the member of political council of party Dmitriyev emphasized that charges to party are connected from it by "promptly growing popularity" and chances on the next elections in the City Council of Odessa to gather a large number of voices.

He also reported that the Crimean conference of Rodina party will take place in the next few days.

"We don't speak about separatist movements. We speak about forces which want real changes in the state", - Dmitriyev told.

In time a press - conference activists of Bratstvo party tried to break it.They threw participants a press - conferences by eggs and ran out from the room. Egg got to a wall, participants a press - conferences didn't suffer.

Earlier in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that the Nikolaev militia put on I.Markov's state wanted list because it wasn't on interrogation concerning the criminal case brought against it about beating of participants of peace protest action in 2007.

On September 8, 2009 it became known that the certificate on a party registration "Homeland" the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine recognized become invalid. After the appeal of Security service of Ukraine the Ministry of Justice checked competence of the seventh extraordinary congress Progressively - democratic party of Ukraine of August 20, 2008. This congress changed the party name on "Rodina Party, the new program is accepted, the structure of governing bodies and the legal address is changed.

By results of check the Ministry of Justice established not competence of this congress, absence of quorum of delegates. Thus, it is revealed that the party in 2008 provided inveracious data in Ministry of Justice.

In this regard the department order of September 2, 2009 cancelled the order of October 2 of last year "About acceptance to data of information on modification of authorized documents and as a part of governing bodies Progressively - democratic party of Ukraine" and the certificate on a party registration "the Homeland is recognized become invalid.

The Kommersant Ukraina newspaper writes on Monday, referring to sources in Rodina party that Markov is now in Turkey.


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