Lutsenko about prosecutor's office, the Constitution and multi-colored rabbits

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO considers that the prosecutor's office shouldn't be engaged in pre-judicial investigations of criminal cases.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, the minister told about it yesterday on a press - conferences in Donetsk.

According to the minister, now in the country "the greatest reforming is demanded by a pretrial investigation - the Ukrainian Constitution even in option of 1996 doesn't provide investment of the State Office of Public Prosecutor with function of maintaining a pretrial investigation, but transitional provisions allow to have still it that sharply contrasts with the European standards".

The minister reminded that in absolute majority of the European countries the prosecutor's office only controls police, but isn't authorized to carry on a pretrial investigation.

"We have this old problem and, unfortunately, aren't going to solve it. Therefore for me would be obvious that it would be necessary to change this situation and to lead this part to the European norms, - Yu. LUTSENKO explained. - The militia has to reveal crimes, investigate them with what they wouldn't be - official, not official, then to finish business, to transfer to prosecutor's office, they have to bring charges further - court".

The Interior Minister doesn't deny that all actions of militia have to be under strict control of prosecutor's office. "And the prosecutor's office can objectively and independently make control over militia actions at all stages of operational, investigative, search work etc.", - he noted. "We have today a surprising situation - those who investigates, for itself and controls. Certainly, it doesn't add neither efficiency, nor legality", - Yu.LUTsENKO complained.

However, criticizing imperfection of provisions of the existing Constitution, he noted that doesn't intend to make the offers in the draft constitution offered by the President Victor YUSHCHENKO. On belief of Yu.LUTsENKO, "the constitution of the President has no the slightest chance of passing; from my point of view, versions of the Constitution bred already as multi-colored rabbits on the bigbordakh therefore to produce the next changes for unreal documents it hardly cost".


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