Directors of the Nikolaev enterprises who specially didn't pay to workers a salary, are made responsible

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From January to August the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and prosecutor's office solved 822 crimes against employees of the enterprises. Exposed 668 officials to whom charges of intended nonpayment of a salary are brought. 656 criminal cases are brought to trial. It is result of the coordinated work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and bodies of prosecutor's office.

As reports the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Nikolayevshchina - in the list of leaders by quantity of crimes against workers concerning intended nonpayment of a salary. Since the beginning of year in area 32 such crimes are solved.

Also Nikolayevshchina takes the advanced positions among areas where the greatest number of heads of the enterprises and the organizations was made responsible for intended nonpayment of a salary.

Having analysed criminal cases, the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to the following conclusions:

  1. Heads of the enterprises purposely don't extinguish debt on a salary, and the means intended for this purpose, are used for other needs, namely - repayment of debt to other enterprises, tax authorities, repayment of the credits, calculations with suppliers.
  2. On the person the facts of assignment of the money allocated for payment of a salary, officials of management of work and social protection of the population.
  3. Cases when officials to whom duties of charge and salary payment are assigned, don't adhere to the minimum guarantees in compensation take place.

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