Not all Nikolaev tax specialists "are innocent as babies" - following the results of check of 67 employees made responsible, and 12 people dismissed

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One of the most burning issues of modern society is corruption, and its negative influence on all parties of public life becomes more and more notable. Therefore for the purpose of the timely prevention of corruption actions and other offenses connected with corruption, employees I finished on GNA fight against corruption in the Nikolaev area in the current year held 277 preventive events. 27 addresses of citizens and legal entities from whom eight - were confirmed were considered. However work wasn't limited to it, in particular were considered and studied as well by "file" of candidates on holding the posts in tax service, by results of consideration to 17 citizens was refused appointment.

Employees of the most tax underwent check also, since the beginning of year 92 functional audit inspections were carried out. As check showed, not all "were innocent as babies" -made 67 employees responsible, including 12 people dismissed from bodies of the State Tax Administration of area.

For violation of the law of Ukraine "About fight against corruption" four employees of tax service were involved to administrative responsibility in the form of penalties, reports GNA in the Nikolaev area. On the facts of commission of malfeasances from GNS bodies, five criminal cases in the current year are brought. On materials of functional audit checks of last years in 2009 three persons brought to trial.

For the purpose of timely obtaining information on abuses, corruption and other illegal actions from the staff of tax service in department of fight against corruption in bodies of the State Tax Administration of GNA in the Nikolaev area the telephone hotlinefunctions50-18-69.The telephone hotline works in a mode of communication with the staff of division on fight against corruption, and in the days off and a time off the answering machine works.


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