The judge - a kolyadnik complains that it call and speaks, what not the madman

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The ex-the judge Igor Zvarych declares that the claims against authorities and journalists tries "to stop an avalanche of rough human rights violations".

About it it is spoken in the open address of Zvarycha to representatives of mass media.

"This address I want to assure you that at submission of claims in court didn't pursue and I don't pursue the aim to offend, humiliate, slander or anger journalists. Also I don't aim to be enriched at the expense of journalists", - declares Zvarych.

It reminds that on September 23, in Frankovsky district court of Lviv hearing of six of its claims to the Vysoky Zamok newspaper and one claim to the Express newspaper will take place.

However Zvarych promises that further he "will reduce claim requirements about collecting moral harm from mass media".

"... I filed a lawsuit claims to separate mass media and journalists who systematically, in a rough form, before conviction removal concerning me, called me, claimed that I am a bribe taker, the criminal, thought out to me different nicknames, and such publications there were hundreds", - he writes.

At the same time Zvarych asks journalists "to shine, criticize, bring to the public, to hold on event control which will develop" in its business.

"In return I promise all these affairs, how many they wouldn't be, and to bring "the matter of Zvarycha", in case of need, to hearing in the European Court of Human Rights", - he declares.

"I also want to assure that I threaten nobody, I don't warn, I don't go crazy, I am completely adequate in the actions. I have honor and advantage and for this reason I protect them, as well as members of my family, civilized, democratic image", - writes Zvarych.

He also declares that the president Victor Yushchenko "had no right to call" it "the criminal, as well as other citizens of Ukraine, the court conviction" isn't pronounced yet.

"For this reason I submitted claims to the president Victor Yushchenko that in a judicial order such actions of the president of Ukraine were recognized illegal", - is told in the statement.

"Claims with the same requirement I filed a lawsuit and to the politicians, certain deputies who at plenary sessions of BP of Ukraine and in interview of mass media called me the bribe taker, the criminal, consciously slandered and offended me, referring to circumstances about which they where - that heard, however which weren't authentically known for it", - writes ex-the judge.


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