In Nikolayevshchina the woman a cudgel broke to the cohabitant - the drunkard a hand and a foot. The last died of traumatic shock

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I lived in one of villages of the Kazankovsky region of the Nikolaev area 49 - the summer woman. She was in charge of housekeeping and was engaged in a pasture of a livestock of fellows villager, for what received a small salary.

And here, one fine day, in its destiny there was a fellow villager Ivan who for ten years was more senior than it. The man wasn't lazy, but he had very big passion to vodka. Almost all meetings in the house of the woman were accompanied by the use of considerable quantity of alcohol, didn't "lag behind" Ivan and the hostess. And not seldom such meetings came to an end with quarrels which developed into fights, thus the woman beat the man everything that only came "hand".

So occurred and this fatal evening. After next "meeting" of people I began to offend the woman. She demanded that that went to itself(himself) home. The man refused and there was a quarrel. When the woman any more didn't have words for explanations, to her the wooden stick with which it several times hit the drunkard came to hand, seized that by clothes and force pushed out on the street.

The hackneyed man didn't go home, and laid down on the earth under a fence and fell asleep. After a while, the cohabitant of the mother, the son of the woman who treated the man rather kindly noticed. It took it on hands and incurred to the house. After a while the man recovered, started demanding that him left alone. The guy put the man on the earth and came back home.

Then the drunkard was seen by neighbors. They also wanted to help the fellow villager and to take away him home, but that refused. Such behavior of the man of fellows villager didn't surprise.

In the morning next day neighbors told to Ivan's relatives that that isn't able to move independently and after a while had a man to houses.

Native Ivana thought that it has "a hungover syndrome", put it in a bed and he fell asleep. And in the evening, without waking up, the man died.

Fellows villager claimed that the man "was drunk up" - didn't sustain heart, but the forensic medical examination established that the death was caused by traumatic shock which arose from - for a fracture of the right hand and a foot. Blows to hands and feet were put with a stick or a pipe.

After establishment of circumstances of an event the woman was detained by police officers. It suspect of commission of crime provided by Art. 121 ч.2 UK of Ukraine.


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