90- the neighbor killed the summer old man to death to select money

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Ded Ivan in the 90 years was in a fine physical form. Fellows villager even envied the veteran of the Great Patriotic War. The man lived one, thus independently conducted economy and looked after the house.

Every morning neighbors saw how the grandfather did exercises, and then went to shop behind dairy products.

Everything would be good if not envy of the neighbour's fellow Sergey who in the 20 years anywhere didn't work, but I loved попьянствовать with drinking companions.

Sergey began to meet recently the girl therefore the need for money became all more sharply. Recently Sergey broke the head over what gift to give the girlfriend to birthday.

Long it wasn't necessary to think over a problem. The neighbor grandfather Ivan came into the view. The idea "to untwist" the veteran came to money instantly. Having agreed to the friend, Sergey broke late at night an entrance door of the neighbour's house, and guys got inside.

The grandfather at that time didn't sleep yet. Having seen the owner in the room, robbers began to beat him, demanding money.

When the grandfather refused, even more they angered it. They struck to the old man some more blows, and then searched already breathless corpse. In a pocket found 1500 hryvnias.

Having received a gain, robbers put a body on a bed and disappeared from an event place.

The daughter of the old man came to visit it, paid attention to not locked door. Ded Ivan was always closed on a hook when laid down to have a rest. Having found a corpse of the father, she at once addressed to militiamen.

The forensic medical examination established a set of injuries on a body of the victim. The man died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

On birthday Sergey managed to give a gift to the girlfriend. But the party wasn't successful. On the same day him together with a podelshchik detained.

Now both repent in perfect, but the next years they should serve sentence in imprisonment places.

Vladislav Gnatenko, the CCC Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area


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