G. Russian: The souteneur of SBU on the Holodomor - with the "phony" diploma about the higher education.

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"Let Andrey Kislinsky will graduate to deserve the moral right to have legal proceedings with me", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine Gennady Moskal commented on the judicial claim of the employee of SBU against it.

"You expect that I, with two higher educations, seriously I will apprehend the claim of the impostor and the ignoramus with the "phony" diploma? ", - G. Moskal declared and supported the words by the documents testifying that A.Kislinsky actually "didn't graduate from institutes".

In response to the deputy address G. Moskalya of August 27, 2009 the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine provided the copy of the diploma of Kislinsky Andrey Nikolaevich from his private matter about receiving the specialty "historian" and "the teacher of historical disciplines", dated on June 30, 2000.

Surprised with diploma date of issue - the relevant document had to be issued to the graduate of department of history on June 16, 2000, G. Moskal addressed in archive of the Kiev national university, from where on the basis of verification of orders of the rector on release of students of department of history reported that Kislinsky Andrey Nikolaevich from 1995 to 2000 on a full-time department and on a correspondence department from 1994 to 2000 didn't study. And the diploma of KV No. 10359272 in 2000 in books of registration of issue of diplomas doesn't appear.

"The state should be saved from such Ostapov... excuse Andreyev Benderov - chronic liars who crept away from the Secretariat of the President on key positions", - Gennady Moskal explained and added that doesn't exclude that in the future "competent authorities" will be engaged in these impostors and swindlers.

Also Gennady Moskal directed the deputy address concerning use of the counterfeit diploma by A.Kislinsky during stay in public service addressed to the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko with a request to charge to Glavgossluzhbe to make office investigation concerning this civil servant 1-го a rank and directed the corresponding address addressed to the general prosecutor of Ukraine.

We will remind that A.Kislinsky - the leading expert on the Holodomor in Security service of Ukraine, sent to court the claim against G. Moskalya, published information that And.Kislinsky worked as the souteneur at the beginning of 90-x years at the route Lugansk - Anthracite on Bokovo's camping - Platovo.


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