"The Crimean sweeper"

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Gennady Moskal, the newly made head of the Crimean militia central board and the deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from the very first days works on the peninsula developed the vigorous activity which has stirred up not only the Crimea, but also all country. At first he urged the State Office of Public Prosecutor to deal with the business which has become the talk of the town of Vitaly Fayngold. the son of the deputy of republican parliament, in September of last year brought down on the Bentley the student. The Russian in particular the question of causes of failure in initiation of criminal cases against Fayngold on earlier episodes including hooliganism and rape interested.

Later all days the general - the militia lieutenant resembled to the country leaders about the criminal past of some Crimean deputies and called leaders of parties in which lists they passed in autonomy parliament, to withdraw their mandates. And still it undertook the authorities of Simferopol: the mayor of the Crimean capital Gennady Babenko, according to the Russian, holds three years the post illegally, contrary to the judgment which has recognized elections of the mayor the invalid.

However in the interview to "Correspondent" always the emotional Russian (who already I headed the Crimean militia in 1997-2000), whose story about a present situation in an autonomy resembled criminal chronicles of the middle 1990-x, tried to avoid answers to a question why on the majority of high-profile Crimean cases still it isn't pronounced any sentence.

- As though you characterized a situation in the Crimea? In three weeks which have passed from your appointment, news from the Crimea are similar to the chronicle of operations. From where such activity after long-term calm on the peninsula?

- Let's understand, from where there was this "calm". There was of what always were afraid, - criminals and policy merge. The Crimea already passed it in the first years of independence of Ukraine when, say, in the City Council of Simferopol of criminal elements there was a half, and in Kerch even 60% of all number of deputies. Then with the deputy nothing could be made without session consent, but soon immunity of deputies of local councils and the Crimea cancelled.

Now a situation will repeat. These people again go to policy. But the criminals join now the large political parties presented in the Crimea.

Look at a recent rating of the Kommentarii weekly about the most influential people in regions. The Crimea appeared the only region of Ukraine where by the most influential person the criminal authority was recognized... I speak about Melnik Alexander Iosifovich, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea (an electoral bloc "For Yanukovych! "). Well can't such be!

The local speaker (Anatoly Gritsenko) goes to Kiev and sings in the Secretariat of the President that if not it and that criminal environment which round it gathered, power in the Crimea would be seized for a long time (party) by the Russian block and (organization) the Russian Community. Also would make on the peninsula revolution that at all isn't true.

These outcasts can take nothing especially as at first they were in the block list "For Yanukovych! ".

- But business of the deputy Melnik lasts many years. Why right now you focus on it attention?

- You ask me why this business lasts long so? I report on you that else in 2000 when I handed over cases on the Crimea and moved to Dnepropetrovsk, it sat where to it a place, - in a pre-trial detention center for murder commission. Here I also sent a request (Public prosecutor) mister (Alexander) Medvedko why the investigator of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on especially important issues (Oleg) Halin lost the protocol of interrogation of the main witness (Vyacheslav) Chernikov, video of his interrogation and a videotape with reconstruction of circumstances of double murder where it directly pointed to mister Melnik as on the customer of this murder and pointed to commission by it and other resonant crimes. Why these materials were lost, and not where - нибудь, and in Genprokuratuре? I think that the General prosecutor will give it a basic assessment.

- In the inquiry you still mentioned a certain Igor Lukashev's name, the chairman of the commission of the Crimean parliament on budgetary - a financial and tax policy, also from the block "For Yanukovych! ".

- There was in the first years of reorganization such movie "Thieves in law". Well, it is (Lukashev) the typical character who sits at the head of the budgetary committee and sends to structures under control to it budgetary funds. It is an economic basis (Crimean) organized criminal group Salem.

- And what types of business in the Crimea are generally controlled by organized criminal groups?

- To me that to take all list and to list? Our business - this business to bring to naught.To your readers it is uninteresting. It is interesting to them when in the country there will be an order, and on corruption level we will stop being between Honduras and Somalia.

- It is precisely interesting to our readers that happens in the Crimea to the earth. Whether there is a hope at least on inventory to understand who and how many it received?

- The earth simply plundered. Take this resort season - it completely failure. About it the Crimean parliament and the government bashfully is silent, but talk to taxi drivers or waiters.

Why? Russians didn't arrive from - for rises in price railway and air tickets, and any foreigner who respects itself, comes into the Internet and first of all looks, whether there are in the Crimea hotels Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Marriott, Intercontinental or any other European or international brand. Yes anything here isn't present! Here we have one Soviet names: Summer, the Swallow, the Penguin and the Dream by the sea. On what international recognition the Crimea can count in that case?

I look for Albania about which anybody and didn't hear on the Internet, and I will find there world famous networks of hotels though any Ukrainian to Albania to have a rest doesn't go, but there they are. So why they aren't present in the Crimea? We on one Livadiysky palace which slowly slips in the sea from - for landslides, and on Massandra's wines won't promote anywhere. To Ukraine there is an expansion of very quite good wines from (many countries). Sorry, we with the Black Doctor or the Black Colonel (the Crimean vintage wines) against Shabli (the well-known French wine brand) won't resist.

- By the way, and than cases of record bribes for earth allocation by mayors of Alushta and Partenit came to the end?

- How you can ask me questions, which not in my competence? Directly the State Office of Public Prosecutor is engaged in these affairs. To them these questions also set.

- And what occurs now in the city hall of Simferopol? You ask the prosecutor of the Crimea about excitement against the mayor Gennady Babenko of criminal case about unauthorized assignment of powers of authority, and his deputy Marina Chernova already in a pre-trial detention center on the case of receiving illegal awards and material compensations?

That I can tell you if on June 9, 2006 the court recognized elections of the mayor invalid and cancelled his registration that Appeal, Administrative and Supreme courts confirmed. Despite it, in Kiev it accept as the mayor though since 2006 it in this chair it is illegal.Give I then I will declare myself the president of Honduras - there just him expelled - or the president of the Crimea.

- Tell and if to speak about a situation with crime in the Crimea as a whole, it it is valid worst of all in Ukraine or now simply there is a period of cleaning?

- Here in the same way steal mobilka, as well as in Kiev, Kherson, Lviv. In the same way steal hens, geese and bicycles. The only problem that here the crime mixed up with policy and a single whole turned out. And how many I write leaders: withdraw these compromised deputies - nobody wants to make this political decision. Well, it is their rating and a rating of their political force, it is necessary to wish them success and inspiration.

In one other area of Ukraine such isn't present. Even in the Sevastopol City Council such isn't present. I guarantee it to you.

- The address to the Public prosecutor with a request was one of your first actions on a new post to study causes of failure in initiation of several criminal cases against Fayngold, the son of the Crimean deputy. Now against it charge in connection with road accident with a deadly outcome is brought. You think, it will manage to avoid responsibility on this case?

- I am not going to dry to myself the head Fayngold. There is a court, let the court solve. This is too small person in order that I gave you any comments on it personally. The whole deputy minister will make comments on any milksop! ! !

Vlad Lavrov


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