Running disputes. "People with Mausers" will have influence on these elections

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SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Office of Public Prosecutor in a presidential electoral race received different "owners" - candidates. Security officers try to sell the services to politicians as it is possible more expensively, and among themselves compete sincerely and fiercely. However, as well as it is necessary in business, the term of the contract with "owners" is accurately limited - till January, 2010.

When in 2002 on elections in the Verkhovna Rada in the constituency No. 35 of Dnepro петровска "crossed swords" the colonel of SBU Alexander Zhir and the colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Victor Drachevsky, in air began to smell scandal. Two law-enforcement structures which aren't hiding mutual hostility, did everything that their protege became the People's Deputy.

The militia not only established the strengthened round-the-clock watch on polling stations, but also was engaged … in direct propaganda, distributing leaflets. Militiamen in the beat communicated with voters on the classical selective technology "from a door to a door". The SBU answered it in the style: all abuses of team of the protege of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were carefully documented and brought to trial.

Then oddly in protocols of district election commission and 55 commissions of polling stations of figure following the results of vote were different is also became a reason for the claim. As a result of judicial proceedings elections on this site passed three times (!) and ended with a formal victory of militia. Today, later seven years, political war of law-enforcement structures which, besides the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU, joined also the State Office of Public Prosecutor, I extended all over the country. After all it is a question of an election of the president of Ukraine.

Alignment on the candidate!

During present election campaign influence of three most powerful candidates for president on law enforcement agencies was issued almost in proportion. Victor Yushchenko controls SBU, Yulia Timoshenko uses undisguised loyalty of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Victor Yanukovych has especially cordial relations with the Prosecutor General's Office.The legislation forbids people to be in shoulder straps members of any parties and any other manifestation of political activity, but in practice this ban - fiction.

"I choose Tymoshenko because we precisely know her everything, we know, on what she is capable", - the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko declares, perfectly realizing that his subordinates will apprehend these words as a reference point, and right there adds: "I essentially adhere to the point of view that Yanukovych is a trouble for Ukraine on any senior position". This obvious abuse of the politician of the ministerial status would cause an indignation storm in Tymoshenko's competitors if they weren't engaged in the same.

Gradually get used to such state of affairs and security officers. The former deputy head of SBU Alexander Skipalsky in conversation with "VD" about political dependence of the main intelligence service of the country also keeps full composure. He only notes that the SBU is capable to carry out not one special operation which result there is an increase of a rating of Victor Yushchenko. "Economists of the president failed the work therefore the law-enforcement subject becomes the most fertile for the present head of state in election campaign, - notes g - N Skipalsky.

- For certain this subject to it was prompted by the head of the Secretariat of the president Vera Ulyanchenko and her husband (Victor Ivchenko, the deputy head of Council for questions of science and innovations at the president of Ukraine - "VD" comment). I very well know them. These are rather skilled people". Demand generates the offer: people in shoulder straps were necessary for politicians, and those instantly created the price-list for the services. Naturally, with the corresponding quotations. The officers, not wishing to play by rules of politicians, today simply have no chances to remain on service.

Price-list of security officers

The chairman of Committee of voters of Ukraine Alexander Chernenko collects many years and analyzes information on abuses on elections, as feature of present election campaign considers a great demand on "active inaction". "Recent elections in the Ternopol regional council (early elections of deputies of Terno of the Polish regional council took place on March 15 this year - "VD" comment) showed it, - the head of KIU speaks.

- There security officers stayed idle to please to politicians. And still they can "recharge" participants of electoral process by the updated databases of voters, and also organize "wiretap" and external supervision over opponents.The first deputy head of parliamentary committee on questions of legislative ensuring law-enforcement activity, the deputy - the regional Vladimir Sivkovich, reported "VD" that today the average price in the market of external supervision makes $1500-2000 a week for the person.

The extra charge "for policy" can increase this sum of two - ten times. For good reason can undertake both in SBU, and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and prosecutor's office. Liu bopytno that didn't lead start of election campaign to rise in prices in this market. The matter is that the serious competition to militiamen is made by "shadow" private detective agencies or groups of experts on shadowing which, actively dumping, offer politicians the services.

At campaign headquarters prospecting information on plans of competitors enjoys special popularity. Alexander Skipalsky admitted to "VD" that "espionage wars" accompany each elections in Ukraine: "Since Kuchma in all party organizations the recalled staff of intelligence services works, and now they anywhere didn't get to". The former deputy chairman of SBU right there notes that during present election campaign many staff of intelligence services is double agents. They transfer collected information to the administration on official channels, and then try to sell to her other interested persons.

And quotations here are rather low - $3-10 thousand for one "plums". For this reason staffs of candidates for president know about plans of each other practically everything. However, the most demanded and highly paid service of militiamen there are resonant criminal cases. At the correct PR-maintenance in time the made arrest or sudden recognitions of the detainee are capable how to improve instantly a rating of any of leading candidates, and to deprive of it any chances of a victory.

How are you doing?

As "VD" from sources in SBU became known, business of the general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexey Pukacha now actively extends out of limits of clarification of customers of murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze. Inquiry is conducted concerning all sphere of responsibility of Pukacha during 2000-2005 when he directed criminal investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Among other things it is a question of compromising data on present participants of a presidential electoral race. It isn't excluded that in the near future indications of Pukacha become "information bomb" against Yulia Timoshenko and Victor Yanukovych or people from their immediate environment, not having parliamentary immunity.

"I think, society becomes the witness of big news. It for me a point of honor, as this competition of two forces: the good and evil", - Victor Yushchenko right after detention of Pukacha declared. Press - the service of its party "Our Ukraine" right there declared that thus the head of state keeps an election pledge: "To bandits - prisons". The new wave of arrests can be for certain used for fixing of this thesis in consciousness of voters. In this regard under special control of the management of SBU now there are resonant cases of Maxim Kurochkin's murder, "posevaniyakh" of the judge Igor Zvarycha, search ex-the deputy of BYuT Nikolay Lozinsky and about raiders of a gang of "Kapitoshki".

Meanwhile the Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko counting on the BYuT future selective megablock and "National self-defense" offers not less powerful set of services for other candidate, Yulia Timoshenko. Appointment of the deputy Gennady Moskal to a post of the chief militiaman of the Crimea became the strongest course in this regard. We will note that this decision was approved at cabinet council of Ministers in the presence of Lady Yu, but thus wasn't coordinated with the Supreme Council of ARC that contradicts the legislation.

Having arrived to the peninsula, the Russian right there began to undermine positions of Party of Regions on the principle "divide and dominate". As soon as he declared intention to check participation in the criminal world of one of leaders of the Crimean regionals Alexander Melnik, split in local office of PR reached a maximum. As a result Victor Yanukovych had to discharge of a position of the leader of the Crimean party organization Vasily Kiselyov, at which with Melnik the old conflict. According to "VD", Kiselyov already received from BYuT the offer on cooperation during present presidential election campaign.

Regionals, owing to an opposition, are presented now in law enforcement agencies not so widely, but use the opportunities to the maximum. The deputy general prosecutor, the Donetsk citizen Renat Kuzmin, takes in hand the most resonant deputy appeals of PR fraction in parliament. In particular, according to such scheme public prosecutor's check of legality of stay at a position of the head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Vasily Onopenko who at parliamentary elections of 2006 entered the first five of BYuT was organized recently. Recently the State Office of Public Prosecutor pays special attention and on case of Victor Yushchenko's poisoning.

"The prosecutor's office has no proofs of poisoning of Yushchenko", - the deputy of PR fraction Vladimir Sivkovich heading commission of inquiry of parliament on this case speaks. Closer to elections political strategists of regionals plan to staticize the subject "pseudo-poisonings" to entice considerable army of voters who in 2005 voted for Yushchenko on Yanukovych's party, and now in it are extremely disappointed. For carrying out this political special operation the State Office of Public Prosecutor can provide materials only.

Nose downwind

The political consultant Vasily Baziv who has experience of close cooperation practically with all present candidates for president, is sure that finally none of them won't manage to tame law enforcement agencies. Analyzing "historical background", he comes to a conclusion that eventually not politicians elect to themselves obedient generals, and on the contrary - generals try to use politicians for strengthening of the influence. "People with Mausers had influence on last elections, will have influence on these elections and on the following, - tells g - N of Baziv. - Victor Yushchenko in 2004 won because on its party there were an army and SBU. On Yanukovych's party there was a Ministry of Internal Affairs, but internal troops besides came over to Yushchenko's to side.

Now candidates for president try to divide among themselves law enforcement agencies, and it looks vodevilno. Victor Andreevich considers that can win elections thanks to SBU. Allegedly the SBU will collect compromising evidence suitcases, and all will go on villages and to tell, what Yushchenko good.

And thanks to it he will win? It is a burlesque! Victor Yanukovych considers that the Prosecutor General's Office will serve him and thanks to it he will win. It is full illusion. Yulia Timoshenko works with the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but the militia on these elections hardly will be able to affect something. Law enforcement officers trim "sails to the wind" and won't run unjustified risks".

It seems that that many militiamen already caught a political wind, Victor Yushchenko's influence on SBU, the State Office of Public Prosecutor and the Ministry of Internal Affairs sharply falls in recent months. Its rating in sociological polls prompts to them that it is time to be reoriented on Yanukovych or Tymoshenko. The chairman of parliamentary committee on questions of legal policy, the deputy of BYuT Sergey Mishchenko (the general, the prosecutor of Kiev region in 2001-2002), is sure that already today the president has no people in law enforcement agencies on which can rely firmly.

"Tactics of untwisting of criminal cases for Victor Yushchenko isn't harmful - he needs to tell something to voters. But if to compare this tactics to gambling in the fool, he on hands if still had trumps, these are jacks and, maybe, one lady. And with such cards it is hardly to win".

The winner of presidential election for some time for certain will receive the maximum loyalty at the same time both SBU, and the State Offices of Public Prosecutor, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Especially if the new head of state as a result of reformatting of parliament manages to catch control over the deputy majority. After all the management of power structures is appointed now by the Verkhovna Rada. It isn't excluded that the president-2010 will want to use this control for cancellation of parliamentary immunity with the subsequent use of security officers in quality "punishment tools". But practice shows that militiamen will be not for long faithful to one owner. Eventually "to merge" a compromising evidence at once to three customers is much more profitable, than to one.


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