The probable instigator of collisions at Odessa админсуда

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Sotrudniya militias detained one of possible instigators of collisions at gate of District administrative court of Odessa region whom suspect of a pelting smoke grenades of participants of the action of picketing of court. However the detained activist of "BISON" denies the participation in hooligan acts.

As the employee of TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in area Vladimir SHABLIYENKO reported the UNIAN, militiamen also interrogate participants of the action who could witness attack of the malefactor on the staff of the ATV local TV company owing to what the journalist Olesya KLINTSOVA suffered, and the operator Dmitry DOKUNOV got knife wound of a hand.

According to the participant of the action Sergey GUTSALYUK, "the group of activists of Rodyna party in red t-shirts tried to initiate collisions between participants of picketing of court about 10 o'clock in the morning when the majority of journalists went on meeting of judicial board. At court gate someone from supporters of ATV even blew up smoke grenades. However the militia interfered - it wasn't succeeded to provoke a fight".

And only hour later when the decision on postponement for October 20 of hearing of business on cancellation of the license of ATV TV company became known, participants of the action at court gate suddenly noticed group of the people who are coming back to a place of picketing vessels for 200 meters. And one of them, ATV presented by the operator, showed to participants of the action the blood-stained hand and claimed that fell a victim of attack of group of "nationalists" in masks which snatched out a television camera and broke.

Attack happened nearby, representatives of ATV told to journalists who traced a situation during an action of picketing and didn't see incident with ATV group participation, where - that moved away from court gate. "When the cameraman tried to take away the cartridge from the camera, to him knifed a hand", - Natalya PEREVALOVA told the editor-in-chief of ATV.

After that the victim was sent to clinic "by INTO - SANA'A", and then - to regional hospital.

"We assume that knife injury of a forearm and sinews is put to the victim, - the chief Odesskogo горУВД Eduard DOBRYNIN assumed. - While we qualify this crime, as a robbery. Though retraining, according to data of physicians or indications of witnesses" is possible.

If witnesses are found, deeds retraining is possible, specified in the Kiev District Department of Internal Affairs of Odessa.

Concerning incident already published statements representatives of ATV who lay blame on "the orange power". And the staff of Free Odessa newspaper editorial office expressed condolences to the operator D. DOKUNOV. At the same time, it is spoken in the statement, "language of violence and bloody provocations in Odessa only one force speaks. And this force concentrates just round the anti-Ukrainian and melkougolovnichesky parapolitical group "Rodyna". We are sure that those people who, according to the victim, attacked him, aren't representatives of the public or patriotic organizations of Odessa. And it means that occurred to D. DOKUNOV, we, staff of Free Odessa newspaper editorial office, regard as provocation from Igor MARKOV".

"We call representatives of the Odessa mass media sympathizing so-called opposition, to think of this sad precedent", - authors of the statement sum up.

As reported the UNIAN, today the building of court was picketed by opponents and supporters of ATV TV channel. In particular, representatives of public organizations "Free Odessa", "Committee of Defense of Odessa", the Ukrainian people's party held posters "Balls died, but its business lives", "Beastliness from ATV", "Inhabitants of Odessa against fascism will suffice".

In turn, supporters of ATV - businessmen of the Severny market and communists - came to court with slogans: "ATV - a breath of fresh air", "ATV = Odessa", "ATV - doesn't happen to them boringly".

As declared during protest action the activist of "Free Odessa" Mark SOKOLOV, ATV TV channel kindles xenophobia and creates international hostility, having passed all admissible norms of professional ethics. "Journalists can use on air foul language and call for physical violence over people who to them are objectionable. We will fight against attempts of incitement of international hostility and we hope for a fair judgment", - he emphasized.

During picketing there were some collisions, among victims as representatives of ATV declared, two employees of TV company. As reports a site, "knocked the journalist of ATV Olesya KLINTSOVA on the head, and on the operator Dmitry DOKUNOV the unknown with a knife snatched and injured to Dmitry an artery on a hand. Besides, unknown broke the TV company camera".


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