"The best prevention – when the swindler is imprisoned! " - Evgeny Sureev

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Today on a press - conferences the chief of a municipal government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the militia colonelEvgeny SureevI reported on results of work of city militia in eight months since the beginning of year.Evgeny YuryevichtoNikolaevI headed militia inDnepropetrovskandDneprodzerzhinsk, and in comparison with these cities, claims that the operational situation in our city is much quieter.

- CitizensNikolaevmore law-abiding. A large number of crimes is caused on the one hand by crisis which pushed property crimes much on commission, and also changes in the legislation. As the qualification of criminal prosecution from nearly 1 000 UAH to 60 UAH was reduced, respectively, the number of the initiated proceedings increased. Thus that for militia there was the same financing and quantity of staff, this year is already opened 300 crimes more, than in the past. The situation is under control, I pay much attention to patrol services - density of patrol is increased from 3-4 patrols to 8-9 that increased solvability without delay. I personally for that people could go quietly around the city at any time, and the best prevention am when the swindler is imprisoned, - toldEvgeny Sureev.

In 8 months of this year in the territoryNikolaev3126 crimes of the all-criminal direction against 2625 last year were committed. Staff of regional departments solved 2251 crimes.

It is committed 920 heavy and especially serious crimes against 838 last year.

Evgeny Sureevalso reminds citizens that the more quickly they will declare commission of the offenses made against them, the there will be a probability to detain the malefactor without delay more.

As shows the analysis of the registered statements, only every fourth citizen addresses in Department of Internal Affairs for 10-30 minutes after commission of crime, and it only 30% of citizens. 70% address later.


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