The division of BNON won't catch small "pusher", his employees blocked the channel of supply of cocaine to Nikolaev, but with them on - former aren't happy

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Chief of a municipal government of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, militia colonelEvgeny Sureevit isn't happy with work of division on fight against illicit trafficking by drug and I noted that there are certain problems.

- Nevertheless, we can brag of that employees of BNON detained distributors of the most terrible, in my opinion, drug - cocaine, - reportedEvgeny Sureev.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote that employees of UBNON, after carrying out actions for documenting of criminal activity, detained 23 - the summer inhabitant of Nikolaev who was a distributorcocaine.

In turn, the girl brought militiamen to the accomplice, 50 - the summer local who adjusted the channel of supply of cocaine to the city of Nikolaev. As the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the militia colonelreportedVladimir Uvarov, the narcotic substance was delivered from the Western Ukraine.

During a search, in the BMW-525 car which belongs to the drug dealer, polyethylene bags with powder of white color and special scales were found. In total more than 15 grams of dangerous narcotic substance were revealed and withdrawn from the man. It should be noted that in the black market, 1 gram of cocaine is estimated at 150-200 dollars.

This business is taken by the chief of a gorupravleniyeEvgeny Sureevand chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of areaVladimir Uvarovunder personal control.

- InNikolaev, fortunately,drug addiction isn't so developed, as in megalopolises,- to surprise of the Nikolaev journalists I notedEvgeny Sureev, visited the chief of managements of militia inDnepropetrovskandDneprodzerzhinsk. - We are adjusted on identification and elimination of channels of supply of drugs. It is possible to detain though hundred small "pusher" (small traders drugs -slang - an editor's note.), but if not to block channels of delivery and not to find distributors - quantity of crimes won't change.

Probably,Nikolaevwill really forget to an owl a shameful nickname soon -Narkolayev- which received once for drug addiction "pandemic".


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