The girl killed the groom a wooden stick, and a corpse threw out under a tree

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WhenTo Elenathere were 23 years, at it parents died. The girl remained one.

Slowly I conceived a liking for vodka. At first orphansaw from a grief, and then already - without the reason. Fellows villager often saw itdrunkin the different companies.

So there was the whole year, whileElenaI didn't meet withSergey. In the 44 years it didn't get a family. Having seen once attractive Elena, I couldn't look how the girl degrades and scoffs most at itself. Besides, thoughtabout creation of a familyI didn't leave it. In a month after acquaintanceSergeyaccurately I set a goal "to extend" Elena from paws of "a green dragon" and to live with it in peace.

At first actions of the gentleman were unclear forElena. Now it couldn't make the decision independently.SergeyI constrained rushes of the girl to take a walk in the company behind a bottle of vodka and freely to dispose of the personal time.

Despite attempts of the gentleman to return it to normal life, unrulyElenacertain time I managed to leave the house and to get drunk to unconsciousness. Each timeSergeyI found it and I brought home.

Over time rushes of the girl became weaker, at last, a small portion of alcoholElenaI received already houses under vigilant controlSergey.

Over time the relations between the man and the woman became more pleasant and strong.

The girl worked by then with the cleaner in one of area farms. The salary, though small, but was. And temporarily joblessSergeyI felt consequences of crisis in the country, after all it didn't manage to find a job the last two months.

Once the girl started rowing from - for works.SergeyI didn't manage to come round, asElena grabbed a wooden stick and from all force began to beat him on the head. Bill, yet I didn't see the blood-stained head of the man.Sergey some time lay on a floor, holding the head, and choking with blood, but it didn't excite the woman, and she went to look for adventures.

As in olden days, I found to myself companions, and all evening I had fun behind a vodka shot glass.

Having come home under the chief, sheat all I didn't pay attention that darling continued to lie on a floor, without giving signs of life. When understood thatSergeyI died, I extended a body on the street, I left under a tree and again I went to have fun.

In the morning fellows villager saw a corpseSergeyalso reported about it militia. It wasn't necessary to look for the murderer long.Elenadetained on the same day in the company of drinking companions. Militiamen found in her house also the murder tool - the blood-stained wooden stick.

Vladislav Gnatenko, the CCC Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area


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