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In the capital shot the owner of the furniture supermarket "4 room" which has opened on August 22. The owner of shop died of wounds on the way to hospital. His security guards - "titanovets" died on the tragedy spot.

Such in Kiev wasn't long ago. On Friday about 14 o'clock in the afternoon the supermarket was approached by "Chevrolet" in which there were three malefactors - southerners. They hunted for the owner of shop Shabab Aloyan - 49 - the summer businessman who lived long time in Ukraine.

- One of the attacking lowered glass in the car and opened fire on being on a parking about a supermarket to the businessman and his security guards - the staff of Civil service of protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, - told "KP" the chief militiaman of the country Yury Lutsenko. - According to preliminary information, it from the automatic gun of the Austrian production "Glok" shot. Serious weapon …

In spite of the fact that "titanovets" closed the businessman the bodies, Aloyan was wounded. Hiding from bullets, it ran in shop. And his security guards opened fire on a foreign car where there were killers. One of malefactors was killed. And the second, the driver, is wounded. Having struck on gases, he tried to disappear from a crime scene. But I didn't manage to drive and I crashed into a concrete fence. Meanwhile the killer who has under way jumped-out of the car directed after Aloyan.

- When shots were distributed, my girls very much were frightened, - the hostess who hasn't recovered from shock of the flower little shop located on the first floor Tatyana (she rents the room in a supermarket) speaks still. - From fright, they with shop assistants of other outlets hid under sofas which stand in a hall …

Having several times shot on the businessman, the killer started moving ahead to an exit from shop, dexterously turning aside from bullets of security guards. Bleeding profusely 24 - the summer lieutenant Andrey Brezhnev (he served in militia from last year) and 37 - the summer senior lieutenant Vladimir Isay (it still had wife and two juvenile daughters) again closed the bodies of the businessman, and then pursued the criminal.But couldn't catch it - there were no forces.

The murderer jumped out on the Circuitous route and, having stopped "Mazda" passing by, disappeared. "Titanovtsa" died on the tragedy spot.

… When the correspondent of "KP" arrived on a scene, bodies of both militiamen lay at an entrance to the shop, covered with a polyethylene film. Glass doors of a supermarket scattered into smithereens. The territory was surrounded by militia and fenced with a red ribbon. Police officers interrogated witnesses of the incident. It was noticed about furniture and the head of capital militia Vitaly Yarema. But it didn't give comments. By then already it became known that Shabab Aloyan died from wounds in hospital where he was delivered by the staff of shop. The malefactor who has got into accident from "Chevrolet" now is in hospital in a serious condition.

- We now just watch video from an event place (on a roof of a supermarket and a parking video cameras were established. - The bus comment), - are told by the minister Yury Lutsenko. - And also we analyze information which managed to be collected to our employees on a place. The situation changes every minute. While early to speak about tragedy versions. I will note only that to Shabab Aloyan threatened long ago. Therefore it in succession also was protected some years by "titanovets".

It is possible to assume that the tragedy is connected with commercial activity of the businessman. Or it had a conflict to fellow countrymen. However, it is versions. We will hope that all answers will be given by a consequence.


It is curious that right after incident on some the Internet - portals there was information that criminals allegedly took the spouse of the owner of a supermarket in the hostage. But it appeared a lie though at the time of incident it really was in shop. The correspondent of "KP" didn't manage to meet it - police officers communicated with the woman.

Komsomolskaya Pravda


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