The greedy relative

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As it was already reported, on Friday in Kiev in broad daylight in a supermarket the bloody drama was played. About three hours in new, one of the largest in the country, furniture shopping center "4room" that on Petropavlovskaya Street around District, flew two killers. Shooting at the owner of the center, they killed on the spot two of his security guards from special forces "Titan" who this day were why - that without bullet-proof vests. The owner in some hours died in hospital. By night of one of killers of militia it was succeeded to detain.

As the ocheviditsa of incident the shop assistant Lilia when the owner with security guards came into the hall told, two young people without masks right there jumped out. Without paying attention to the dumbfounded dealers and visitors, they started aiming in the owner. "It began to run away, rushed about some minutes, and these people - behind it. Security guards, covering it, assumed fire and were lost. The owner hid from killers under a sofa since there was no place more, but they started starting up bullets there. It jumped out from - under a sofa and ran on the street, having beaten out itself glass doors! " - Lilia told. In firefight by miracle anybody didn't suffer any more. Visitors and dealers stood, having contracted on corners, and with horror watched the events.

As the chief confirmed a press - the center of the Kiev regional militia Nikolay Zhukovich, killers was two. "They arrived on "Aveo's Chevrolet" but while one chased the owner of the center, the second left. Having run out, the killer didn't see the car and simply stopped the first car - too "Aveo". Threatening the driver with the gun, he sat down nearby and ordered to carry it. The plan "Siren", as a result militia was declared found an empty car on which killers arrived to a supermarket. On it there were traces from bullets". Who shot on a car while it isn't known.

In the evening of one of killers it was succeeded to detain.As it became clear, it got into accident, according to preliminary data, crashed into other car. Now it is in hospital under protection. "Its state heavy, isn't known, whether will survive", - Zhukovich speaks.

Besides, in militia the driver who had to give a lift to the second killer addressed. He was largely lucky that him left in live. "He told where landed the killer. We know that it has a gunshot wound therefore all hospitals were given the order: if the person with such wound addresses, urgently to call in militia according to number 102 or 272-21-23", - Zhukovich reported. Militiamen refuse to sound slaughter versions.

The shopping center "4room" opened only about two weeks ago. As representatives of the Kurdish community of Kiev, the owner of the center - the native of Armenia, the Kurd on a nationality Shabab Fayzoyevich Aloyan told. The source in militia told us that security guards with it were not casually: "He asked to provide protection supposedly someone threatens and wants to take away business". In a community of Kurds are heart-broken. "I met it in 15 minutes prior to its murder! We discussed community affairs, - the president of association of the Kurdish public organizations "Midiya" Georgy Gasanov told. - It arrived to Ukraine at the beginning of 90-x years, was one of founders of our community, the activist, the successful businessman, helped the Kiev schools and old men. He was the exemplary family man and the good neighbor. Always I helped to organize holidays, never I refused". According to - on Gasanov, the dead was the co-owner of a furniture supermarket: "There was still a Muscovite and any Kazakhs. As for versions, most of all at us say that someone wanted to select at it business". - on Aloyan still had wife and three children. We managed to contact Shabab, Narina Salayan's niece. She told that last year a certain relative of the uncle allegedly by the name of Merab sent the killer to hotel to Shabab, but then murder broke - the killer detained, and he admitted who employed it. "Merab lives in Armenia, some Kurds suspect that this murder - his hands business. He wanted to take a place of the uncle in this supermarket", - Narina told.


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