Near Lviv Yushchenko's adviser with the weapon and drugs in eggs is caught?

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Yesterday, on October 4, at 13.00 on the western detour of the city of Lviv inspectors dorozhno - patrol service stopped the Opel — Vektra brand car. At a wheel of a car there was a citizen, 1982 year of birth, the resident Krivoi Rog. The car also consisted on temporary registration of this region. The head reported a press about it - services of management of GAI in the Lvov area Svetlana Dobrovolskaya.

Svetlana Dobrovolskaya noted that when inspectors of GAI started checking documents on the car, it appeared that their driver has no. Together with the driver in salon of the car was two more passengers. One of them who sat near the driver, hastened to show at once to inspectors of traffic police the document which specified that the man is the adviser to the President of Ukraine.

"This certificate didn't stop employees of GAI of Lvovshchina. And, because there were no documents on the car, they continued car survey", - Svetlana Dobrovolskaya told.

During check inspectors dorozhno - patrol service revealed: the weapon without documents (with rubber bullets); drugs which hid in boxes from sweets "The kinder - a surprise"; the mufflers intended for removal from a system of signaling devices; the device of secret listening, in particular, for car listening. Besides, the driver had at himself two certificates of the driver with the specified different surnames. Still seven different technical data sheets were found in the car at survey on other vehicles.

All detainees were delivered in one of regional departments of Lviv for the purpose of establishment of persons of the driver and passengers of the car, and also examination, from where, where and for what purpose transported the revealed forbidden subjects.

From Regional committee: From present advisers Yushchenko most on Lviv have a direct bearing ex-the head of the Lvov regional council Mikhail Sendak and ex-the governor of Lvovshchina Pyotr Oliynyk... However, we on anything don't hint.


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