"When from the aunt I came SMS, I guessed at once that there was a trouble. After all she wasn't able to poison the message with mobile"

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When 58 - the summer Nikolaev pensioner took on the apartment 28 - the summer lodger, the good acquaintance of the son, anybody and couldn't think to what it will lead.

Galina Petrovna Fedotova let to Ivan's house when the word "crisis" was included only in our lexicon. And to what line of despair it can bring the person, both didn't know...

"Galina conceded to the lodger a hut, and itself got over in temporary barracks"

- Galina Fedotova (names of the main heroes of this history are changed. - Bus) - my friend, we once together worked in city a rembyttekhnik, - the neigbour Maria Leutova remembers. - It buried the husband long ago, about 15 years ago, remained with the son. I grew up the good guy, but recently Stas arrested for a fight. For Galya it there was an accident, I even can't transfer to you! And though until the last minute he hoped for the verdict of not guilty, it didn't happen. Knocking-out of appointments, prison transfers, bustle on lawyers - here that became its everyday life. Now such efforts can ruin anyone what to speak about the needy pensioner? Here also I decided to take the lodger a little bit to correct a financial position. On transfers to the son all pension left. Galya tried to earn additionally in the market, even got a job the security guard on firm to the business owner, but all the same begged. Stas well knew Ivan, was on friendly terms with it. This acquaintance also opened Ivana a door in Galin the house. And she hesitated even to admit that the reason in money. I spoke supposedly let will live: I take for safety that the man's spirit in the house was felt that it wasn't boring. I conceded to the lodger a hut, itself I got over in temporary barracks. I charged quite fair price - 100 hryvnias a month. Ivan worked at building, the man he serious, teetotal from anybody you won't hear the bad word about it. His parents live in the village near Nikolayev, they have him and is registered, and in the regional center lodged years seven. In a word, still it isn't known who to whom was more necessary - Galina to the lodger or he to her.

Where - that about half a year Ivan and his hostess lived in perfect harmony, but in the fall the tenant appeared in a difficult situation - lost work, ceased to pay for the apartment.Galina Petrovna suffered such situation three months, daily reminding of a debt, and then suddenly declared that lifts a payment for accommodation to 300 hryvnias. "I will think", - the resident gloomy answered.

- Was from what to become thoughtful, - Dmitry Shkvarun, the former colleague and Ivan's friend is tightened by a cigarette. - It seemed, take away things and go to the village to parents, times aren't present money for life. But not everything is so simple. Vanya in Nikolaev had wife and two children. There lived couple in a civil marriage. Inna, mother of his two little boys - stair-steppers, lived with the parents. There, however, not house, and brothel: the father-in-law with the mother-in-law round the clock something celebrate, seldom sober you will find them. Vanya tried to re-educate new relatives and only sewed enemies - parents of the wife ceased to let him on a threshold. Inna flatly refused to leave a native home - a pier, with small children on apartments won't be wound. Here also met, as teenagers. He to it on a visit will glance that when the house isn't present anybody, she secretly will come running to it to see.

- From the very beginning the lodger asked Galya to allow to transport to her the family, but that disagreed, - the woman Dusya, the neigbour remembers. - The most important for it - rest. The person tired of life, what you want? And what rest, if full house of small children?

Ivan undertook any work: will unload the car in the market, on point of reception of non-ferrous metals iron leaves, but it so, occasionally. It couldn't find permanent job, and against the most gloomy forecasts was more and more convinced that ahead times and that are worse. In the evenings aimlessly I was unsteady around the city. Home I tried to come back later not to meet Galina Petrovna and not to hear her reproachful tone: "When, at last, you will pay off? " The hostess usually waited for it and as - that I put a question point-blank late March evening: "Move down, all the same after all you don't pay". "Yes, tomorrow I will leave", - the resident promised.

- I left to see off the hostess, anything bad on mind wasn't, - Ivan explained then to the investigator. - In the yard at a door I noticed a stick. As - that turned out that she jumped to me in a hand. I began to beat the pensioner on the head, it fell. After the fifth blow I thought suddenly: what I do? ! Galina Petrovna похрипела also became silent still for about a minute. You understand, crisis is such time when from a nervous tension literally you lose mind. Itself you don't suspect that you will make in the next minute...

Inna Gorchishnaya, the cohabitant Ivana and mother of his children, explained to court that at the beginning of March of spouses came to her about midnight and asked to spend the night. "That so late? " - Inna took an interest. "I missed for children", - I heard in reply. They lived three days together that earlier never happened, then Vanya took away it with sons on the apartment to Galina Petrovna.

"When from the house of the pensioner Ivan started taking out things, doubts didn't remain: it killed her"

- To cover up murder tracks, the lodger wrapped a body of the pensioner in a carpet and buried her in kilometer from the house - in the wood on the bank of the small river Ingul, - Svetlana Leukhina, the investigator of the Central regional department of militia of the city of Nikolaev tells. - At first he was afraid to come back to the victim house, but then together with a family everything is again lodged at Galina Petrovna. Questions of neighbors Inna with Ivan answered evasively: the hostess - went for two weeks whether to relatives to Lugansk whether where - that to Siberia where she brought the boyfriend, having left the house under their supervision.

- The next court session was appointed to March 17 in the matter of the son of the aunt Galya, - Natalya, the niece of the dead explained to militiamen. - It couldn't pass it in any way! And suddenly I didn't come. I took alarm at once, constantly called the aunt on the mobile phone, it was switched-off. The day before we with it agreed that will come to sit couple of days with my child (sometimes she helped me to look for children), and suddenly - disappeared without a trace. Soon from it the message, only one word came - "is occupied". As far as I knew, the aunt wasn't able to send SMS ки. In couple of days one more message on the mobile: "I at the son in a pre-trial detention center". As now I remember, there was a Monday, in a pre-trial detention center output. Doubts didn't remain: there was any trouble!

Neighbors noticed absence of the pensioner at once, and by the end of March of the street persistent hearings as if the grandmother Galya killed began to walk.

- As - that one woman grazed on the waste ground of goats and found there a bag of black color, - Miroslava Kozinets, the neigbour remembers. - In a bag there were documents: pension certificate, medical card and Galina Petrovna's identification code. Having thought that someone lost the things, and knowing nothing about disappearance of the pensioner, the woman with a find went to the address specified in a card. It knocked - knocked on a gate, but nobody left therefore threw a bag into the yard through a fence.News instantly scattered, having startled all residential district, here and began to ask Ivan with Inna about documents. "We know nothing, any bag in the yard didn't see", - those answered unanimously. And where got to? !

Meanwhile lodgers felt like in the become empty house owners - let to live in temporary barracks any married couple with the kid, having requested for accommodation the same 100 hryvnias.

- When Ivan on four wheels started taking out with the yard the whole sections of an electric heater, a grid - the chain-link and any metal pipes, doubts didn't remain: the woman Galya never won't return any more to the house, - the neighbor Stepan Stepura speaks. - Unless so protect someone else's property? ! So many months I didn't expel, I understood its position, and it took and so "thanked"! Then, I remember, someone saw Inna's mother, a local pyanchuzhka, in a sheepskin coat of red color with fur - Galina to a sheepskin coat. It was the last straw which has dispelled doubts. We began to collect down the street signatures on the collective statement in militia about loss of the pensioner. Which - who refused to put on it the surname, say, there are detectives, let look for, you don't part amateur performance. But such it appeared a little.

"He properly led all a dance. In the beginning I told that dug a body of the hostess in a house cellar... "

- Ivan in militia admitted at once the guilt, - the investigator Svetlana Leukhina tells. - And here as for a corpse, properly I led all a dance. In the beginning I reported that dug a body of the hostess in a house cellar. Left on reproduction of circumstances of incident, went down in a cellar, it is concreted, excavations it isn't visible. Began to remove concrete, and there anything! All yard with a front garden dug over, a corpse didn't find. The suspect quietly stood, having put hands on a breast. And returned with anything to regional department. Quick workers were engaged again in Ivan. Next day he specified one more place - in the wood over the small river, and this time found out that looked for. Developed a carpet, from two parties pulled together with the wire, neighbors present thus identified Galina Petrovna.

When militiamen began a pretrial investigation and were engaged in collection of information about the identity of the suspect, were much surprised: everything who knew Ivan, characterized him from the best party. Nobody believed that this person could kill the woman.

- I had to go to prison where Galina Petrovna's son serves sentence, - Svetlana Leukhina remembers, - him recognized as the victim on the case of murder of mother. The man burst into tears, having heard about trouble:"Ivan? I trusted it, as myself". I asked, whether there are no photos at me with themselves killed, I answered that he doesn't need on such to look. I asked to transfer to the former friend that asked God as - нибудь not to be crossed with it in colonies, and that it doesn't warrant for itself(himself).

The court of the Central district of Nikolaev sentenced Ivan to 12 years of imprisonment. Galina Petrovna's house is sealed, behind a fence dogs loudly bark.

- Who feeds them? - I am interested at the neighbor, the fellow of years of seventeen.

- Through a fence we throw bread, - answers. - It is a pity for dogs. But personally I there even am afraid to approach, a terrible place.

- Terrible not the place, and time, - objects left afterwards to my call to a gate the man of average years. - Around - continuous poverty! Here the poorest quarters of Nikolaev. That people from a hopelessness killed each other? Yes here never such was! And now, it turns out, on you any can attack only because it - on the edge. For me personally the incident became a terrible shock for this reason.

On the track bordered with flowers, together we approach to the lop-sided gate on which the lock hangs. Old houses were so picturesquely scattered in this place on Ingul's coast that seems as if behind each fence - prosperity and rest and accidents have to avoid this marvelous corner.

- Now rest, it is exact, - my guide agrees. - Ivan in prison, Inna with children returned to a parental brothel. And lodgers whom Ivan let to others house, dispersed...

"FACTS" tried to find the cohabitant of the condemned criminal. At home it was succeeded to find only boys of two and four years, Ivan's sonnies and them 13 - the summer uncle who looked after kids.

- We don't say to children that their father in prison, - on - to the adult explained the teenager - the nurse. - We deceive as if it in hospital, a little bit was unwell.

- The aunt, give a roll, - the senior Vanin suddenly pulls me a skirt the son.

- Don't stick to strangers, - the teenager beats him on the given hand. And right there addresses to me: - The sister told that Ivan we will redeem, long he won't sit.

It is a pity to look at "vykupshchik" - hudyushchy, hungry, torn off...


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