Yury Lutsenko: Let the President fight against plunder of means by his subordinates as it is done by militia

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Before doing public reproaches that allegedly militias badly works, let the President Victor Yushchenko at first will stop plunder of budgetary funds it subordinates, the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko on air of the Schuster Live program declared. So he commented on the yesterday's statement of the speaker President Irina Vannikova for the requirement to law-enforcement bodies to accept effective measures in response to splash in crime.

According to Yury Lutsenko, actually such splash in crime about which tells the Secretariat of the President, no. "No "lawlessness" is present, and simply to eat desire to politize work of militia which does the work. Concerning the statement of madam Vannikova, to the Secretariat of the President I would advise to go about the own business, instead of murders which we open, and not other crimes against which we also fight", - the minister told. According to him, it would be much better if the Secretariat of the President and the head of state at first dealt with criminals who were dug round in a presidential power vertical - if last year the militia revealed plunder by these officials of budgetary funds for 1 billion hryvnias, this year - almost it is three times more. "We have 94% of disclosure of murders in Ukraine, let it will provide 94% of target use of means, instead of plunders of 2,7 billion. as it happened in this year … The president of all these officials appoints the personal decree. Who from them was responsible for it? ", - Yury Lutsenko asks.

According to the minister if the President wants to pay attention of the Minister of Internal Affairs to any facts, it always is able to do it by phone. "If the President wants to pay my attention, he at least for half a year lifted a tube and paid my attention. We have a unique country where the President on half a year doesn't call the Minister of Internal Affairs and isn't interested", - Yury Lutsenko told.


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