The Nikolaev tax specialists filled up the state budget at the expense of violators on 10 million hryvnias

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By results of the carried-out work as tax police of GNA in the Nikolaev area within the preventive operation "The Resort — 2009" which was carried out to the period from May to September, 217 inspections as a result of which are carried out revealed 101 facts of violations of the tax legislation. It is provided receipts in the state budget for total amount of 10,8 million UAH

During expeditious maintenance of checks concerning legitimacy of charge of the sums of the budgetary compensation with the VAT with the assistance of tax police 11 facts of illegal compensation of the VAT from the budget for total amount of 18,1 million UAH

are warned

Carried out quickly - by search actions by tax police of the Nikolaev area during carrying out the operation "Resort-2009" it is revealed 9 "fictitious" subjects of economic activity and one konvertatsionny center. By results of the taken measures it is collected funds from the enterprises which used in the activity "fictitious" firms that the "konvertatsionny" centers for total amount of 520 thousand UAH. 20 crimes in the taxation sphere, from them 10 crimes behind signs of h are revealed. 3 Art. 212 of UK of Ukraine (evasion of taxes in especially large размераз with the established losses over 1 мнл. UAH), and 4 crimes on signs of h. 3 Art. 204 of UK of Ukraine (illegal realization of illegally made forged alcoholic beverages which at the use bear threat for life and health of the person).

As a result of the carried-out work during a resort season, tax police of area it is withdrawn from illegal circulation торгово - material values for total amount of 1,7 million UAH, of them excise goods for the sum of 302,4 thousand UAH, including alcoholic beverages for the sum of 295,2 thousand UAH but tobacco products for the sum of 11,1 thousand UAH besides, activities of one underground shop for production of forged alcoholic beverage production which were implemented in resort zones of area are stopped, and also the forged brands of a duty are withdrawn from illegal circulation.

At working off of resort zones of Ochakov and Berezansky areas within the preventive operation "Resort-2009" by the staff of tax police of the Nikolaev area the set of violations of the current legislation, among which is established: production and furniture realization without the corresponding permissions, transportations of passengers by a water transport without existence of the corresponding licenses, trade in excise goods without the corresponding licenses, etc.

The staff of tax police in a recreation area of "Koblevo" during check of the placement on market territories an established fact of illegal work of a hall of playing machine guns. As a result of check 18 playing machine guns for total amount about 100 thousand UAH and the cash received from illegal implementation of playing business, by total amount about 5 thousand UAH

are withdrawn

The withdrawn playing equipment is taken out on storage to territorial departments of tax police of the Nikolaev area before decision-making according to the current legislation of Ukraine, reported in management of tax police of GNA of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

For this time events for preparation of materials in court according to article 3 of the Law of Ukraine "About prohibition of playing business in Ukraine" which provides application of financial sanctions to subjects of housekeeping who will organize are held and hold in the territory of Ukraine gamblings, in the form of a penalty of more than 5 million UAH with confiscation of the playing equipment, and the profit (income) on carrying out such gambling is subject to transfer in the State budget of Ukraine, and also attraction for the specified act to criminal responsibility according to the current legislation.

Also, the staff of tax police within the preventive operation "Resort-2009", during working off of a resort zone of Ochakovo, a service established fact on transportation of passengers by river transport without the right for implementation of business activity. By results of check it is established that for 2009 the individual carried out service on transportation of passengers by river transport by connection Ochakov - the Kinburnsky braid without the right for implementation of business activity than item 2 of Art. 50 of the Civil Code is violated. The vehicle - the motor-bot "Southerner" is as a result withdrawn by total cost of 50 thousand UAH. For commission of the specified offense punishment according to the Art. is prescribed.164 codes about administrative offenses of Ukraine in the form of penalty imposing by a court decision in the amount of 20 to 40 free minima of the income of citizens with confiscation of made production, instruments of production and raw materials or without the such.


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