I left a road accident place – I became the criminal

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Traffic regulations oblige the driver involved to dorozhno - to transport incident, immediately to stop the vehicle and to remain on a place. If as a result of road accident there are victims, the driver has to render them first aid.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of this year 22 cases when drivers ran away from an adventure place are already recorded, from them already 19 answer before the law … They didn't take care of the victims which life and threatened. Even the most strict punishment can't wash away guilt of such drivers. From dorozhno - transport incident nobody is insured. But to escape from the place of accident, to leave without the aid of to the mercy of fate people, is doesn't keep within any moral framework.

In the morning on October 3 to Pervomaisk it was revealed brought down on travel part 31 - the summer pedestrian who from blow received opened cherepno - a brain trauma, the driver of the unknown for that time of the car didn't stop at all … ran away. Employees of GAI at the review of a scene revealed fragments of glass of a headlight of the vehicle, plastic details and paint particles. During their identification it was established that arrival is made by the car VAZ-2108 white colors. On the ROAR database established addresses of all owners of white "eights", and employees of GAI started checking carefully them on participation in this adventure. The circle of searches was slowly narrowed...

Also were checked both all service stations, and the private masterful cities of Pervomaisk. And already next day I was it is found the car - the fugitive on one of private service stations where already almost all repaired except a windshield … weren't in time. As it became clear, in the morning of that day 19 - the summer student of May Day college on the car VAZ-2108 together with friends where - that so hurried that brought down to Pervomaisk 31 - the summer pedestrian. At all without having taken an interest in a condition of the person brought down by it, the driver of the car added gas and disappeared. The detained driver it is proved it is suspected of commission given dorozhno - to the fugitive now not to avoid transport incident and punishment. Now it is on recognizance not to leave.

Unfortunately, drivers continue to run away from places of commission of road accident though for escape from an adventure place, failure to provide the help to the victim the law prescribes rather severe punishment. However, seemingly, mind and conscience far not each driver it reaches. There is a wish to remind once again to all drivers that for leaving from a road accident place the guilty can be attracted to administrative, and under certain circumstances - and to criminal responsibility.

Therefore, the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area appeals to all participants of traffic not to remain indifferent to commission of such crimes. In the presence of any important information you have opportunity to call by phone of regional department of GAI by phones to "the hot line": 8(0512) 21-20-91.

Dear drivers if you became the participant of incident, have to be on a place before arrival is investigative - task force. After all, leaving an adventure place, you automatically treat category of criminals as leaving of the injured person in a dangerous state according to articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine provides imprisonment from 3 to 8 years.

Request to pedestrians: you don't come suddenly to travel part of the street. Remember that the car can't be stopped at once (especially on high-speed routes) and your unexpected emergence before transport can lead to the tragedy, the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area reports.


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