"Having regained consciousness in reanimation, I heard conversation on a medical error. Then I understood is about me …"

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Long-awaited child

Natalya Ivchenko is 29 years old. Age for the birth of children, frankly speaking, a little overdue, however suitable in all natural parameters. Considering that at Natalya a few years ago on the third month of pregnancy I occurred a fruit abortion, this pregnancy of the spouse of Ivchenko, figuratively speaking observed as an apple of the eye. And pregnancy, in principle, took place smoothly: complications and pathology weren't, analyses were in norm, planned ultrasonic researches of a fruit, and them was three, showed that the child is active and develops well. The pregnant woman at the gynecologist in the place of residence - in 5-й female consultation was observed. A month before the expected term of families of the spouse began to be defined, in what maternity hospital to give birth, after all today at will, on a commercial basis it is possible to choose any city maternity hospital, the legislation it allows. Though in the place of residence future woman in labor treated the second maternity hospital, she chose everything - maternity hospital No. 1 supposedly conditions there better.

- Long then we had to run about for the chief physician of maternity hospital Evgeny Pavlovich Volokhov that agreed to childbirth in his maternity hospital, - Natalya Ivchenko remembers. - We examined their quotations though they were also considerable - stay in single chamber was regarded from one and a half hryvnias to five thousand depending on the provided comfort, but we, certainly, agreed on any conditions. Thought, maybe, attention will be more, after all money - not the main thing in life. As Evgeny Pavlovich told us, all calculations will be made after the delivery.

The doctor on duty on a call

Time approached to give birth: and on medical indications, and by personal calculations of the pregnant woman. Before childbirth since September 16 Natalya, as well as many other women in labor, send to roddomovsky policlinic on inspection: Ultrasonography - ultrasonic diagnostics, analyses, etc., having warned that such rules at them.

- There I was accepted by the doctor Ezhova, examined and told that everything is normal and that a week more I resemble, and released home, - Natalya tells.- On the Saturday, September 19 about 3 o'clock in the afternoon fights at my place began, and we with the husband went to the first maternity hospital. The doctor on duty of Zubarev, having examined me, I told that fights false, and I suggested us to go again to policlinic. In spite of the fact that fights amplified, we hardly reached policlinic, but there the doctor didn't appear, from medical staff there was only a nurse who told us that on Saturday and Sunday here doctors, as a rule, don't happen. The nurse told that the doctor in maternity hospital and will be here only in eight evenings on round. To me remained nothing, it was necessary to wait for the doctor.

- When I arrived to the daughter to policlinic, she sat in a corridor, writhing from pain, there were already about eight o'clock in the evening, - Natashina mother Vera Grigoryevna remembers, - the doctor yet wasn't. Without having restrained, I began to shout at the nurse that called the doctor quicker and gave the daughter help. Soon I came the doctor on duty Lutskaya and, having examined my daughter, I told supposedly if you want that was quicker, wait while I will make round, and then together by your car we will go to maternity hospital and if isn't present, I will go on foot, and you should wait for me for a long time there. Generally, we waited for it from round and together went to maternity hospital: we - to give birth, it - on watch in maternity hospital.

"The child сплюснулась a head, and ears had a violet color …"

In maternity hospital Natalya quickly underwent all procedures necessary before childbirth: enema, analyses and other procedures. Allowed to give birth with mother as partner childbirth, that, in turn, made the corresponding tests.

Placed them in cozy prenatal chamber at number 13. The midwife came and made to the woman in labor groaning from pain, any prick, having thus told that it will anesthetize a little.

- At once after a prick the daughter became any sluggish, sleepy, fights calmed down, - Vera Grigoryevna tells, remembering recent events, - I was frightened, ran to the doctor. Lutsk I told me supposedly don't worry, she will give birth soon. I felt that something not that, after all I too once gave birth to Natasha and I know that such childbirth.

About 3 o'clock in the morning at Natasha waters departed, they were dark color, I was frightened, again ran to the doctor. It calmed me, having told that anything terrible, such happens that light liquid has to depart soon. And was when Natasha watched on a gynecologic chair.Then it where - that moved, I thought - in родзал, but was mistaken as it appeared, in an accident ward, and there, having put on a couch, it was listened by two doctors, the midwife was near.

- When I rose from a couch, at me strong attempts were started over again, - Natalya remembers, - I felt how the child rests legs on the right side of a stomach. I was told to go in 2-й родзал, and for this purpose it is necessary to overcome two ladders and the hall. Slowly I, it is possible to tell, I crawled there. Me put on a table and went to mother that that gave the written consent to Cesarean section. A bit later I was told that mother refused to sign paper, asked that I undersigned. I made it as there were no forces more to suffer from pain.

- Yes, I really refused to sign paper because any more I didn't trust doctors, asked to show me the daughter, stood near родзала, but to me it didn't show, - Vera Grigoryevna tells. - I cried and asked God that everything managed well, after all at the daughter of fight nearly 14 hours lasted, it was exhausted. And when from родзала there was a doctor and told that there problems, I nearly didn't faint. A bit later I was told that Natasha operated and got the dead baby - the girl weighing 3 kg of 200 g. The child сплюснулась a head, and ears had a violet color. I was present when opening, the doctor then told me that the child was quite full-term, simply childbirth was unsuccessful.

Instead of an epilog

Natalya Ivchenko and her mother Vera Grigoryevna came to newspaper editorial office not only to make public a scandalous thing of the unfair relation of doctors to performance of the duties, they are revolted how with them arrived after the happened tragedy in this maternity hospital.

- Strangely enough, the chief physician Volokhov doesn't wish to accept us. Inconsiderately expels from an office, as any cattle. When I at last - that broke to it and began to state the claims, it with neglect of VYZVERILSYa: "Don't splash on me a saliva! ". Tell, well unless it is the doctor? - with a heavy heart Vera Grigoryevna asks.

On the other hand, today Evgeny Volokhov - the person respected in the city. It carries a rank "The honored doctor of Ukraine", is the deputy of the City Council. The maternity hospital headed by it enjoys authority, women in labor with pleasure and for any money go there to give birth. Why with Natalya Ivchenko at it "misfire" turned out?

Evgeny Pavlovich answered a call of the journalist of "NB" laconically:"I won't make comments on anything, the commission on check of this fact yet won't finish work and there will be no conclusion of the pathologist. Then I and to you, and to all Ukraine will tell that happened …"

While the commission didn't draw conclusions according to this tragedy, to place accents, really, still early. It is quite possible that physicians will want to protect honor of the uniform and will smooth acute angles in this situation, such it is enough examples. Therefore Natalya Ivchenko and her parents intend to carry out independent expertize of a cause of death of the child. It at all rivalry - who whom, and desire to learn the truth.

And the last. When in maternity hospitals children, you see, it already state of emergency not regional scale perish.



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