Doctrines on Wide Lang: maneuverable defense was successful

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On October 7 on the general range "Wide Lang" there passed a practical phase is command - staff doctrines 72-й the separate mechanized crew which the commander of land forces of VSU the general - the colonel Ivan Svida personally watched.

As the commander 72-й told OMB the colonel Andrey Grishchenko, on a legend of doctrines, the state border "kalinovykh" was broken by opponents ("western" or "east" it is conditional) having tried to occupy part of the territory and to carry out the political goals. The task "kalinovykh" consisted in fulfilling maneuverable defense - to exhaust the opponent and to involve it in "fire pockets" in which and to destroy.

It was originally supposed that the military personnel has to cope with it 72-й OMB (from their party 150 units of military equipment took part in doctrines and about 1000 servicemen), and two SU-25 11-го the shelf of army aircraft and two MI-24 299-й crews of tactical aircraft had to give feasible help in it "kalinovy". But yesterday, on October 6, the commander of land forces of VSU I.Svida made the decision on participation in doctrines and the military personnel 79-й the Nikolaev separate airmobile crew, and our paratroopers alarmed.

It is necessary to add that everything was on - to the present - any single shots, only fighting. Therefore "operations" were considerably removed from command point (for safety), and to understand that occurs on "battlefield", it was possible only by means of optics.

The commander of land forces of VSU whom his subordinates tenderly call "fathers", remained is happy that he saw in the field-glass. From the point of view of tactics, actions of the military personnel were estimated by it on an assessment "well". But he promised a final assessment to expose only after return of the military personnel of crew to point of a constant dislocation (White Church) - after the control group will define "tselkost" of participants of doctrines, after all they should strike about 800 "enemy" targets.

It is thought that the mood of "father" won't deteriorate - the military personnel very much tried as couldn't bring the commander 72-й OMB of the colonel Andrey Grishchenko, at which today birthday. At once after end of a practical phase of doctrines Ivan Svida congratulated the birthday man, having handed over it a gift with sea subject (hours in the form of a steering wheel - for memory of stay in ship edge).

There was also one more awarded, this time our, Nikolaev, - the foreman 79-й NOAMB Natalya Novikova who became the only woman in the airmobile armies, entitled "the instructor - the parachutist". Natalya serves in airmobile armies 13 years, on her account of 56 parachute jumps. It also took part in these doctrines - as the medic, but was landed together with our paratroopers on "battlefield".

- The staff is happy with doctrines, and me as the commander, very much pleases that officers and soldiers go about the own business when they carry out the fighting tasks, - the commander of land forces of VSU I.Svida told.

It is necessary to add that 72-I the separate mechanized crew became the third which fighting capacity was checked by command for the last two months. And matter not only in a practical phase of doctrines - after lifting on alarm 72-й OMB was necessary to carry out at first almost 500-kilometer march from White Church here, on the range in the Nikolaev area, and therefore "to be at war".

The same tasks stood before vozdushno - landing crew which carried out march to Feodosiya and qualitatively coped with the put tasks, and also crew from Uzhgorod which operated on the Lvov range.

"We spent the minimum quantity of fuel and other means in order that in such format to check fighting capacity of our divisions. The total cost of all three doctrines made 7-7,5 million UAH", - the commander of land forces of VSU Ivan Svida reported.


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