"Saw, Shura, saw! " - three nikolayevets sawed 17,5 m a rail and tried to hand over them on scrap metal

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All remembers a movie "Twelve Chairs" episode where heroes sawed weights, thinking that they gold. "Heroes" of our story sawed railway rails, but not because they gold but because they couldn't lift a rail 17 meters long of 66 cm. As one of classics spoke, the railroad serves in all countries for transportation of passengers and freights, and at us, also for thefts.

As reports Sector on public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the Odessa railroad, three jobless fellows villager, 30 - summer Oleg and Sergey, and 32 - summer Alexander, inhabitants пгт Bereznegovatoye of the Nikolaev area, having come for trade, noticed a rail of a half-kilometer stock of P-65 stages of the Art. 17,66 m by 444 km long Kalinindorf - the Art. of Bereznegovatoye of the Odessa railroad.

Having armed with usual hacksaws on metal, for day they managed to cut it on 7 pieces, having spent for this purpose, except physical force, 16 cloths for a hacksaw.

On the motorcycle they transported the cut pieces of a rail to one of underground places of acceptance where in attempt to hand over and were detained by the staff of criminal investigation department of linear department on the station Kherson of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the Odessa railroad.

Impression of young people at investigators rather negative because, having families, they think only of binge. If they managed to earn money for stolen to a rail, they would spend them for alcohol and snack.

The withdrawn pieces of a rail are handed over on PCh-16 of the Art. of Snigurevk.

On this fact criminal case for is brought on. 185 ч.2 UK of Ukraine ("Theft").


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