After a blow to the head which led subsequently to death, the victim drank with the offenders

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In the morning on a roadside of the road of one of settlements of the Berezansky area locals found a body of the fellow villager. It was from outside possible to think that the man lay down to have a rest, externally on him it wasn't noticeable anywhere traces of violent death.

As reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area, the dead, 54 - the summer inhabitant already long time anywhere didn't work, abused alcoholic drinks and led an imperceptible life. Acquaintances of the peasant claimed that he was ruined by big passion to vodka at poor health, but by the carried-out forensic medical examination was established that the death of the victim was caused closed cherepno - a brain trauma. Only the strong blow to the head could cause such trauma.

Employees of Berezansky RV Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on this fact brought criminal case according to Art. 121 ч.2 ("Deliberate heavy injury which entailed death of the victim") and during the investigation the following became clear.

Lately the victim worked for the owner of one of rural bars, performing different small work, and watched its pond located nearby. On a pond he often also spent the night. As a token of gratitude the owner fed the assistant in the bar and gave small money for work.

Once in this entertaining institution the company of young people "walked". The assistant to the owner came into the bar for dinner. To it poured a bowl of soup, and it carefully went to the place among tables with visitors when suddenly I hooked on an empty plastic chair. On trouble, a chair I stood behind that little table behind which young people moreover and near 21 - summer the guy who already strongly accepted on "breast" had a rest. The dissatisfied visitor rushed to the man with fists and started shouting that that prevented it. Other children extinguished quarrel, the victim departed and sat down behind a distant little table.

After a while the young man again started darting unsatisfied glances at the peasant, still after a while approached to it, and, having removed the last of the bar room, started beating. From blow the victim flew back to the room, fell to a floor, and, having fainted, and remained to lie.

Having been frightened, the company of youths brought the man of feeling, invited to sit down to a table, suggested to drink on "fifty". The man drank, sat a little more and, having told that badly feels, went.

Found it exactly on the way on a pond, thus the forensic medical examination showed that he died only at daybreak. Possibly, on the way to it it became bad, and he lay down, wishing to have a rest, but the trauma finished the business.

At present on business the investigation is carried.


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