The friend, the companion and the drinking companion didn't want to pay for friendship – therefore him killed

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In Zhovtnevuyu the central hospital the message on sudden death of the inhabitant of one of region settlements arrived. 59- the summer man died at night, in the morning it was revealed by his acquaintances who lived with him together in one house. Outside of injuries at the man wasn't therefore also militia didn't cause, and at once brought to medical institution. However the carried-out forensic medical examination established that the man nevertheless died a violent death, and the subdaralny hematoma of the head - which became a cause of death - who helped the victim to die.

Employees of Zhovtnevy RO Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs upon infliction of bodily injury, from - for which there came death of the person, criminal case on h was brought. 2 Art. 121 of UK of Ukraine also were established that for some days the victim became the participant of a fight, is more true - beatings. The matter is that the man lived not at himself in the house, and at the cohabitant of the companion. At them was many the general - together went to earn money for fields, reaping for owners a crop, gathered scrap metal and together spent on drink the earned means.

And everything would be good, and they lived rather long time all together, without disturbing each other, but once the cohabitant of the hostess of the house was come to mind that, on - visible, would be good that the lodger nevertheless paid for a roof over the head, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

The victim at first didn't understand what exactly from him wish and when understood, was indignant. He considered that the quantity of time spent together at work, on vacation and behind a shot glass of vodka provides it the right to live in the house of the woman and not to think about payment. The cohabitant of the hostess reacted to the statement of the companion rather inadequately - it started beating the last hands on the head.

After beating "fighter" grew cold, asked an apology, they drank "for the world" and continued to live, as earlier. Money any more didn't remember.But the victim felt everything worse, complained of a headache and nausea.

He wasn't going to address in hospital, and to him and didn't provide such choice. Therefore, having found dead morning of the companion, the cohabitant of the hostess even couldn't think what exactly that fight could become the reason of such end.


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