Murderers from our yard

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Psychologists sound alarm. 2007 in Ukraine and across all CIS, became year of youth and teenage cruelty. Carefully suppressed by the power...

… attributed to singles and robbers cases of unmotivated youth and children's cruelty became so scandalous what to hide them from the public it is already impossible.

Rub 19 - summer the degenerate in Dnepropetrovsk without any explainable motive killed to death of 20 people. And around the city still it is rumored that the list of victims far not full and not all murderers appeared in hands of militiamen. There began "maniacs" with viewing of cruel "real" video on the Internet and mockeries at animals. Having seen enough ready records, geeks started doing the. Who knows, maybe, pay to them in time attention teachers, psychologists and the militiaman in the beat, tens human lives would manage to be kept.

Minor inhabitants of the Luhansk region caused a stir, having arranged "hunting" for the homeless fellow countrymen. When a beating and humiliations of defenseless bums became boring to them, the victims they began to hammer to death. And again fanatic funs were preceded by "rigid" video.

Don't lag behind Ukraine and neighbors. Flashes of unmotivated rigidity in the youth environment in large quantities happen in Russia. Someone is limited to record on a cell phone camera of fights in the school yard, and someone, like the Dnepropetrovsk fanatics, takes away lives from people. By the way, one more characteristic feature of young Post-Soviet maniacs, besides love to video, is a way of commission of crime. As a rule, victims are killed to death. Guns and knifes at young maniacs not in honor. Bits, hammers or, on a thin case, own hands and feet are used.

Especially terribly that while manage to stop similar criminals, they can commit to several tens crimes. As well as "traditional" maniacs, it is rather difficult to calculate them from - for isolation from other criminal community, absence of motives, and consequently, impossibility to apply standard quickly - search techniques.

As it is banal sounds, but social diseases, as well as usual, it is easier not to allow, than to treat.The psychologists working with young fanatics, as a rule, note sanity in traditional sense of the word, interfaced to total absence of moral, morals, ability to feel pity and empathize. And, at certain negative inclinations, they, nevertheless, throughout long time were more or less normal members of society. Parents, colleagues and friends often couldn't believe that their relatives are capable of the such. And if to parents from - for subjectivity of perception can be difficult to notice how their child becomes an animal, representatives of other social institutes which are responsible for formation of the young personality, haven't to allow even creation of prerequisites of the similar.

The school has to be the most important bringing-up institute, in principle. But it from that turned into the educational combine providing services in transfer of scanty knowledge. Getting to school on the former Soviet Union, the child remains in private with the unfamiliar collective influencing it not always is constructive, and with own problems. At schools there was a number of the events connected with record and viewing of fanatic video. And if, for example, in the Sumy area as teachers, and militiamen quickly enough reacted to distribution of records with scenes of beating and humiliation of the schoolgirl of one of local schools, for example, Nikolaev "followers Makarenko and Sukhomlinskogo" appeared not at height.

In the city of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area the director of one of schools where there was the cruel beating of the girl which has been written down on the camera of mobile, in comments to journalists and law enforcement officers told that doesn't see in an event anything special. In her opinion, girls simply fought. And to stop distribution of video of an event it at all didn't count as the duties. As a result "a simple fight" the girl got heavy injuries and partially lost sight …

Further away in sophisticated cynicism the director of high school No. 10 of the city of Nikolaev went. Around the city among school students record of murder by group of teenagers of the very young girl at reckless speed extended. Record, downloaded of the Internet, was as appropriate mounted and was accompanied by a humiliating pop soundtrack. Among school students even hearings spread that to the Internet of video got from Nikolaev, and young murderers walk about on freedom.

Some of teenagers "for the sake of interest" began even to suggest to repeat something similar. And if heads of separate educational institutions tried to become silent simply a situation and to finish record distribution, the principal No. 10, despite numerous addresses of subordinates, actually forbade them something to undertake, with sadistic pleasure watching situation development. Only after intervention of journalists of local editions the director at first made scandal, and then tried to accuse of distribution of record of the teachers. In parallel both to own employees, and journalists she foggy hinted at "roof" in the power and law-enforcement structures. About the same earlier, according to parents of pupils, she hinted those who refused to make it directors corresponding to the status "gifts" … And how the nobility, whether the Nikolaev teachers the indifference and attempt to keep silent the program in a brain of the next murderer like the Dnepropetrovsk started? Time will tell.

For now it is necessary to remember ancient wisdom only: "Be not afraid of the enemy. It can kill you only. Be not afraid of the friend. He can betray you only. Be afraid of the indifferent. From their acquiescence in the world there are all treacheries and murders" …


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