The chief of the Nikolaev customs Kovalsky didn't go to a stock as supervised smuggling?

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Repeatedly in mass media there was information in which current situation at the customs of Ukraine through impregnated with corruption and bribery is brightly described.

In edition the deputy inquiry of the chairman of Interfractional deputy association of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "to Smuggling - STOP "gotIgor Rybakov to the supreme bodies of the power in which the corruption facts in customs and law enforcement agencies, and also in judicial system of Ukraine are discovered.

The set of the facts of illegal actions of the Ukrainian customs is given in the document. In particular, such example is given: to receive a good position, it is necessary neither more nor less, and a bribe in 5 million, plus monthly contributions. If "cooperation" with the management is adjusted, dismissal is almost unreal. So, for example, when to the chief of the Nikolaev customs Kovalsky V. K. 60 years were executed, there came a deadline of its stay on civil service, but (No. 218-to of 13.02.2009) the term of its stay on service was prolonged by the decree of Gostamozhsluzhby of Ukraine till March 20, 2011. For what reason? Only because Kovalsky supervised illicit movement of goods through the Nikolaev customs. Under its "cover" passed also understating of customs cost at any registration of goods, and illicit movement of goods by air and sea transport.

The same facts are found and at Chernovitsky customs where the customs general, the candidate from BYuT, Salagor N. M. directs. He didn't manage to get down to work as at once in the Chernovitsky airport from Turkey 7 charter flights of the AN cargo planes-12 with consumer goods, weighing one only freight from 18 to 25 tons though for customs registration it was declared only on 8 tons of freight landed. In addition, in three months of JSC Airline Ayeroviz by AN cargo planes-12 from the airports in Turkey in the Chernovtsy airport I carried out 98 flights, and according to the Chernovtsy airport the figure - 94 flights is specified.

The special attention in the address нардепа is paid to the Odessa region. The situation in Odessa didn't change:instead of state budget filling the general of USBU is able to afford to get a women watch for 42 thousand dollars or a diamond ring for 50 thousand.

Large sums gather customs officers and law enforcement agencies involved in them (SBU, the Organized Crime Control Department) during customs registration. So, on May 12, 2009, the prime minister - the minister Yu. Tymoshenko charged to the Public customs service to strengthen control over transportation of container freights, check in the Odessa trade port was thus appointed. As it was succeeded to find out, the large-scale smuggled consignment of the Italian clothes and footwear of elite models was detained, all this was transported in containers as "house slippers", and thus taxes weren't paid. And appointment to the post of the acting chief of the Southern (Odessa) customs Taras Kozak who is involved not in one gangster group, and is the proof of that "Its personal mechanisms of arrangements with the top officials were very impressive …".

"Smuggling, understating of customs cost at registration of goods which are imported to Ukraine, declaration of goods not by the name for the purpose of decrease in payments in the budget, corruption in customs authorities - create danger to a domestic production and national security", - is spoken in the deputy address.

Not the last place in an illicit vertical is taken by courts. Customs officers, showing fight against smuggling, open criminal cases, bring them to trial. Those, in turn, as a rule, make the decision on goods return to the offender, it is natural for a "small" bribe …

Summing up the result, we will emphasize: smuggling at the Ukrainian customs remains a basis of the shadow capitals which, all without exception, our power will use, preparing for presidential election …


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