The scandalous adviser of Merikov placing "looking" at the Nikolaev KP has been dismissed only before Savchenko's arrival

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Yaroslav Filatov
The scandalous adviser ex-the governor of Nikolayevshchina Vadim Merikov who placed looking at the municipal enterprises of the Nikolaev region including on OKP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» , has been dismissed in exactly before appointment of Alexey Savchenko as the new governor. 

It is confirmed by the answer to a query «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» , signed by the deputy governor of the Nikolaev region Vyacheslav Bonham. 

Let's remind, in December, 2014–January/February, 2015 in the Nikolaev region scandal that at that time the adviser to the governor of the Nikolaev region Vadim Merikov has run highYaroslav Filatov has begun to place the «looking» on the municipal enterprises with further washing away of funds from these enterprises. The first about criminal acts of Yaroslav Filatov and him «looking» the director of OKP of that time has declared «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» Vladimir Bereznitsky. After that, having got the secretary, the assistant and a private office in the building of RSA, Yaroslav Filatov has made an unsuccessful attempt to justify oneself, having collected own a press - a conference. It should be noted that during this period the governor Vadim Merikov actively supported the adviser, calling his professional concerning economy and finance.  After that, Yaroslav Filatov has disappeared from public space and has moved down from an office in RSA, having rented himself office in the center of Nikolaev. It is separately necessary to note that the adviser to the governor Filatov openly recognized that he interfered with economic activity of regional KP, demanding financial documents from the management of the enterprises.

As appears from the answer of the deputy governor of the Nikolaev region Vyacheslav Bonya, Yaroslav Filatov, despite all scandals, in 2015 and in 2016 and remained in the status of the adviser to the head of RSA, receiving the salary. 

Only three months later after dismissal from a governor's post of Vadim Merikov, in exactly before appointment of Alexey Savchenko as the governor, Yaroslav Filatov has been dismissed.According to official information, Filatov has been dismissed from a position only on September 13, 2016 with payment of the corresponding salary. 

Many experts claim that exactly thanks to actions of Filatov and his proteges - «looking» for today, for example, OKP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» it has turned out in critical condition also has approached a heating season with multimillion debts.  

At the same time, most likely, today Yaroslav Filatov was accepted «to smooth out» information on the acts in Nikolayevshchina. 

So, according to the CEO of news agency «Ukrainian media group» Artemas Dyblenko, on November 22 on e-mail of news agency has come «request for removal» a number of materials in which there is a speech about acts already ex-the adviser to the head of the Nikolaev RSA.

Let's remind that earlier ex-the director «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» Vladimir Bereznitsky declared that his deputies Shpak and Radchenko, as  «people» adviser to the governor Filatov force to carry out kickbacks and to deribanit property enterprises. Bereznitsky says that he has given responsible positions to Shpak and Radchenko forcedly, after insistent requirements of the adviser to the governor Vadim Merikov Yaroslav Filatov. 

After that contractors «Nikolayevoblteploenergo»  have accused proteges of the adviser of Merikov of extortion. What it has led to is in detail possible to read in the publication: «Focuses with heat: as losses «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» have put on shoulders of ordinary people». 


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