Nadra Bank "threw" the problem borrowers

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The Nadra bank went for unprecedented violation of the rights of the clients and opened confidential information on problem borrowers.

Referring to the decree of the president Victor Yushchenko No. 813 of October 8, the bank on the site published lists of 42 thousand borrowers - natural persons, small and medium business, corporate clients, - having arrears, the Businessman - Ukraine" writes ".

Establishment divulged names and organizationally - a legal form of the companies, and also surnames, names and middle names of the clients.

It should be noted that in the text of the decree there is no requirement or permission to banks into which the temporary administration is entered, to do such information public.

According to the document, banks can create registers of unfair borrowers and weekly inform the public on situation stabilization in establishments.

Intention to oblige National Bank to publish lists of unreliable borrowers of Yushchenko stated only orally during a meeting on October 7 with borrowers and heads of Nadra bank and Ukrprombank.

The total debt of borrowers before Nadra bank makes 8,5 billion UAH, of them 6,4 billion UAH corporate clients, 658 million UAH - small and medium business, 1,5 billion UAH - the population have to.

In the list of debtors of "Nadr" there were 283 companies, 106 of which the bank connects with various business - groups.

The greatest number of debtors appeared in Ilya Segal's group (22 companies) whom participants of the market designated earlier the co-owner of Nadra bank, and in Kontinium group of Igor Yeremeyev (11).

A debt to bank for October 1 also had JSC Toliman LTD of Vadim Alperin (it is considered the owner of the vessel Faina); ChPP "Kvadro" (trade in oil-bearing crops) Oleg Grinko; JSC Granitny karyer and JSC TD Demidovsky karyer entering into group of Vladimir Galitsky (the head of Public service of employment) and Vladimir Maystrishin (the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the IV convocation); exporter grain and oilseeds of JSC Rudis of group of Vitaly Babich; JSC Rice of agrarian group of Vitaly Tsekhmistrenko; JSC Volny veter of the co-owner of shopping center "Metrograd" Mstislav Skorobogatov.

In a press - service "Nadra" couldn't specify, 6,4 billion UAH owe all 283 companies or the enterprises are malicious debtors.

Art. 60 of the law "About Banks and Bank Activity" refers to bank secret information about organizationally - legal structure of the legal entity - the client of bank and its commercial activity. Therefore publication of lists is direct violation, lawyers consider.

"Banks can exchange such information among themselves, create the register of creditors, but to call surnames of people, to report that they signed the contract with bank and there are expired obligations, means to break bank secret, - the honourable president of law firm of Jurimex Danil Getmantsev speaks.

According to him, it is a penal crime, and the borrower can submit the application to prosecutor's office about excitement concerning bank of criminal case".

Some borrowers already consider possibility of submission of the claim, notes the edition.


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