Sex - scandal in Artek: Colleagues of the deputy from BYuT don't believe in his participation in orgies

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In the International children's center Artek inflamed shocking sex - the scandal which person involved call the People's Deputy from BYuT Victor Ukolov. At the same time colleagues on fraction don't believe that the deputy is involved in rape of children.

"It is a complete nonsense. Regionals accuse me that I have Maybach car and the Falcon plane, Victor - that he raped someone. People have nothing to tell instead of offering voters the program, they throw at us mud, and you then prove how in that joke that your daughter not the prostitute", - the deputy - byutovets Oleg Lyashko told Today.

The People's Deputy from BYuT Victor Ukolov was inaccessible yesterday to comments - his phone didn't answer the whole day.

B telephone conversation with Today deputy Grigory Omelchenko I promised to bring this extremely history to logical end. According to him, mother of the injured children repeatedly appealed in various instances to bring to reason seducers, however neither People's Deputies, nor police officers of a course didn't give to these statements.

"Therefore I will do the utmost that guilty mudflows on a dock, and the employees of the law-enforcement bodies who haven't reacted to statements, were dismissed. And if, don't finish My God, someone will try to put pressure upon the woman and her children, I will find a way to put such into place so that the names will forget", - he added.

The newspaper managed to contact the priest Vadim Payevsky whom in the deputy address accuse of corruption of the juvenile. "Same nonsense. I am married and I bring up children, I teach at university. In Artek I really happened to my familiar journalist Dmitry, but we went there to a peresmenka, there at all there were no children. Went to remember the childhood - I once spent vacation at this camp", - he declared.

One of friends of the journalist Dmitry Polyukhovich, wished not to call the surname, told the edition that the conflict in his family could begin from - for the wife.

"Two years ago the family was quite safe. But once Dmitry allegedly found in the computer of the wife correspondence with the unknown man who could be her lover. After that the spouse began to accuse the husband of corruption of their general children", - he explained.


As it was reported, the People's Deputy from BYuT Grigory Omelchenko sent to the President To Victor Yushchenko inquiry in which certificates of mother of the children raped in Artek - girls of 9 years and the boy of 12 years are provided. According to mother, I forced children their father, the editor-in-chief of the magazine Artek Dmitry Polyukhovich together with the general director of the children's center Boris Novozhilov, the chief physician Heinrich Ratt who was the methodologist (leader) Dmitry Lepeshev, the leader of a geological circle Vladimir Dunayev.

Also, according to the woman, her ex-husband during interrogation told that the deputy from BYuT Victor Ukolov and the priest of the Umansky diocese Vadim Payevsky took part in orgies and group sex with children in Artek. However these data investigators allegedly don't enter in minutes and don't check.

Director of the International children's center Artek Boris Novozhilov and center administrationdisproved statements for cases of rape of children also urge politicians to stop using Artek in the political goals.

Nevertheless in prosecutor's office declared that upon corruption of minors in Artek criminal case is brought. It is conducted by the Head investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. It was detained two months ago, and then and it is arrested one person.

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