Nikolaev was captivated by cars - doubles

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On October 7 at 15.30 in Nikolaev during service by a dress of a platoon of maintenance of UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area for traffic violation of the rules on Kosmonavtov St. the PEUGEOT car was stopped.

As it became clear, the driver of a car not only didn't observe the rule of journey of intersections, but also during verification of numbers of knots and units was established that identification number of a body is put not with plant the producer. It was proved by the corresponding reference of experts scientifically - research ekspertno - the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs criminalistic center of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

Collected materials and the driver delivered in Lenin regional department of militia. Besides, this vehicle with counterfeit number of a body was real "double" of other car …

What is the cars - doubles?

We will consider such situation on an example: malefactors under the screen of night masterly steal the desirable car from - under windows of the sleeping owner. Here it is already opened, got, driven away, for example, in garage on a city village fence. What farther to do with this car? In the morning the owner will wake up, and, having left an entrance, having looked in the yard for the car (suddenly I forgot where put), at last, in half an hour will understand that the car stole.

Call to militia, registration of all documents to GAI... and certainly, all staff of the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area at once is guided by its detention, and all data of the car are entered into the corresponding base of search. Now, in attempt of its registration for state territories, export attempt out of borders of Ukraine or it is simple when checking units on GAI post the car it will be detained and returned to the owner! Only it obviously doesn't coincide with plans of thieves ….

They still have two options: not to change number of units, and to forge documents under existing numbers and to sell on a black car market - after all the buyer learns that the car is criminal, only at car registration.

However there is a risk to get on a crime scene while the car isn't sold yet either at distillation, or when checking car market by the staff of law-enforcement bodies.Therefore malefactors choose other way - change numbers of units on the car (usually, it leaves more expensive, however risk to get with the fake car - it is minimized), but to put any fictional number on the agregakh and to enter them in the counterfeit passport of technical condition of a car - again risk …. Therefore thieves put numbers of units of the real-life car, thus producing counterfeit technical data sheet with the same data, as the present registration certificate on the legal car. Now "to the car - the double" checks on information databases of GAI aren't terrible, the car will go while the inspector dorozhno - patrol service when checking on duty won't elicit the fact of thrashing of numbers of units or a fake of registration documents.

Therefore, daily inspectors of GAI guard not only traffic safety, but also do everything possible to reduce quantity of crimes on motor transport. Thus, for 9 months of the current year 157 drivers who directed transport means with counterfeit numbers of knots of units and 57 - with counterfeit registration documents were revealed, reports sector of public relations of UGAI Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.


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