In the Nikolaev area every fourth crime is solved by local police inspectors

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Work of local militia inspectors is very responsible and honourable. Employees of this activity of law-enforcement bodies most closely contact to citizens therefore also the relation of the population to militia generally is based on experience of communication with district police officers, tells the Center of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

The population learns about militia work from different sources: from mass media, from friends, relatives or acquaintances. And not always this information is reliable and objective. Monthly reporting to the population, local militia inspectors tell citizens about a condition of a law and order in the region, about what crimes and offenses were made in a definite time. Also the attention is focused on what harm to health and society puts abuse of alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances.

People have opportunity to address for legal consultation, to learn about introduction in action of new Laws of Ukraine which regulate activity of law enforcement agencies.

On October 12-13 local militia inspectors reported to the population about the work in Meshkovo's villages - Pogorelovo of Oktyabrsky district (the Kolarovsky Village Council) and Kind the Bashtansky region of the Nikolaev area.

In village councils you won't call meeting the notice. It and is clear: people ask for the help only in case of need. But those who came to a meeting, didn't regret. Not every day the case drops out to ask a question not only to the district police officer, but also the deputy chief of regional department concerning public safety or to the head of service of local militia inspectors of all area.

Work always suffices to local militia inspectors. Implementation of administrative supervision of earlier judged persons, family brawlers and behind those who abuses alcohol. Almost daily with the problems peasants address to district police officers. Therefore sometimes guards should interfere in not absolutely militia affairs.Any events: whether cultural - mass actions, either football matches or religious holidays don't do without employees of militia who fixedly watch observance of a public order. Besides, daily participation in disclosure of crimes. By the way, in the Nikolaev area every fourth crime is solved by local police inspectors.

The system of work of service of local militia inspectors was over the years improved, forms and names changed. But its essence didn't change - to be near people and always to come them to a rescue. District police officers always stand on the watchman of the law and a law and order, bear to people justice, rest and confidence in tomorrow.


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