Lutsenko thinks that deputies sewed to "Artek" from - for lands

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko asks the president Victor Yushchenko to discharge of the duties of the highest officials of Artek camp allegedly involved in depravity of minors.

This Lutsenko declared on a press - conferences on Wednesday.

"Considering that children directly specify on the official of "Artek", I addressed today to the president to charge to the State administration subordinated to it affairs which signed the contract with these people, to discharge them of posts for the period of a consequence", - he declared.

Lutsenko didn't call surnames of officials which are involved in debauchery, having told that will make it after change of their status from witnesses on suspects.

"Their three: one - the executive head of the center, the second - the head of a health service, the third directed one of circles", - the minister reported.

According to Lutsenko, the Ministry of Internal Affairs while is engaged in search of proofs concerning participation of these persons in business.

However he asked to consider that these persons have serious enemies.

"Thanks to their actions the decision on a stop of privatization of the earth which some swindlers" wanted отхапать at "Artek" was made, - Lutsenko declared. In this regard it didn't exclude political strategy manipulations round "Artek" subject.

The minister also added that the Ministry of Internal Affairs yet has no proofs of participation in this business of People's Deputies.

According to him, since April when the business was open, any statement from mother of victims where surnames of deputies would appear, in law enforcement agencies didn't arrive.

"Nobody prevented it to make or appeal against illegal actions of militiamen concerning business braking", - the minister declared.

"There is no statement, the message or the proof concerning participation of People's Deputies in this event", - Lutsenko emphasized.

"Unfortunately, I consider that these unfortunate children immorally use in political deals", - the minister told.


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