Yushchenko wants to get rid of criminals in the power of

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The majority election system will help to avoid hit in the power of criminals, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is convinced.

He told about it it during actions in the Volynsk area on the occasion of 67 - the anniversaries of formation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

"When we see that one deputy in parliament - kills people, another, excuse, goes in for pedophilia, the third is engaged in earth buying up... Unless it is political leaders of the nation - obviously, no. We say that the person who has a criminal record (one, two can't or three) to be in the Ukrainian parliament", - he declared.

"And we think that they will defend Ukrainian - never! Neither language, nor history to lift our Ukrainian culture. As occurs that they there everything get. While there will be an election system closed, there will pass there people who are unworthy to represent the Ukrainian nation", - Yushchenko noted.

"We have to vote for such deputies who appear in village, regional councils only on a majority election system. For it we should fight. We shouldn't have the closed lists", - he declared.

"Then we will have no criminals and much the number of such people who don't appreciate Ukrainian, our culture, our history will decrease. It should be done everything only through changes in the Constitution and changes in electoral laws", - the president emphasized.


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