The communist P. Simonenko intends to return the death penalty

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Ukraine has to return the death penalty, as payment for serious crime. It was declared, today, by the leader of Communist Party of Ukraine Pyotr Simonenko during communication with representatives of the Nikolaev mass media, reports a press - service KPU.

Pyotr Simonenko is convinced that Ukraine shouldn't equal on the international agreements where it is a question of cancellation of mortal punishment, after all in the developed countries this requirement treat on - to a miscellaneous.

"In Europe double standards work. The states which are a part of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe didn't abolish the death penalty. As and in the United States of America. In many states there is a death penalty", - the leader of KPU reminded.

According to him, the crime rate in Ukraine almost reached the peak for this reason citizens have to choose the future.

"We have to consider a real situation in the state, and it is as follows: organized crime almost completely paralyzed a country government, and it very seriously influences authorities. At us for years of independence killed by request of 70 thousand people. The average cost of murder - 500 US dollars. Sharply drug addiction increased. Also you shouldn't forget about a situation with trafficking in women and children, and also a human internal. The political and economic crime cleared up. Lozinsky showed us our future", - Pyotr Simonenko noted.

"How we will treat the right for a choice of politicians and own subsequent destiny, and the legal future of Ukraine will be formed", - the leader of communists summed up.


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